Shoulderstand and Thyroid problems

I have students with thyroid gland problems. One has a problem with Hashimoto, another one has increased size of thyroid gland, one has lack of thyroid hormons. In most classical Yoga books (like those of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu-devananda) shoulderstand and fish are recommended if you have thyroid problems. Now I heard a few Yoga teachers say you should avoid these two postures in these cases. What is your opinion/your experience?

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  • Get a folding chair and get a few blankets 3-4 and make a Shoulderstand make-up. Sit in the chair and roll your legs over the back of the chair. Hold on and put your self in a supported Shoulder stand using the chair and stay there everyday or a couple times a day. Any Iyengar teacher can show you. I've had very good results with this.

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  • Om
    Thyroid problems are huge, I myself unfortunately have experienced hyper thyroidism but with the knowledge and yoga practice did eventually not need medication and balanced the thyroid. the problem is showing up as I see it as a complete imbalance in the endocrine system, this is of course the symptom the cause often shows up in the lifestyle of the person and how they are coping with their individual stresses of life and how they see it. Working with the shoulderstand is great though it is a challenge to hold the pose for most people either through getting good alignment or the breathing is very shallow. Swami Vishnu did always remind us that we should be comfortable in the pose it should be restful and infact you have only truly mastered an asana when you can hold the pose for one hour. I have seen the headstand held for an hour but as yet not seen the shoulderstand held for this long?
    My recent observation was that students do not breath deeply enough from the diaphraphm and abdomen and forget that the top half of their lungs are closed off through the chin and chest meeting .As suggested modified shoulderstand can be taught either using chair or wall, making sure the student is supporting their back with their hands.
  • Many women in America have "trashed' their "Thyroid." Iyengar Yoga puts people in a modified Shoulderstand using a metal chair. It is a resting pose. From the Bodywork world I give it to those that can do it. Shoulderstand make people deal with their emotions. I give Shouldstand to anyone with any anger or metal problems. All of us ! Headstand and Shoulderstand done together balance many things. In the Shoulderstand Asana everyone has an excuse why they can't hold it ... I've seen many people get off Thyroid medicine even at 69 years old, medicated since age 15. Yoga works.
    In Sadhana, Swami Vishnu talks about mind and how it will "Buck" back or cause problems. it's pretty interesting to live in the present. Very hard too.

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