Do you have any tips or techniques that you use before or during your meditation practice to help focus your mind? Do you have any tips you can share here to help others?

The following tips come from our Facebook users - maybe you have some more to share? 

Bhramari before meditation to help you destress and remove the clutter in your mind...important really!!

Atul: Anuloma viloma (minimum 5min) lightens and empties your mind......................

Kireet: (1)Before Meditation --- Nadi Shodhan (Anulom Vilom) Pranayam to silence the mind. (2)At the outset --- Observe the breath going in and out. (3)During Meditation -- Shuddhi ---Rapid Detachment by saying "Detach" to any thought, sensation feeling for the entire course of meditation. (4)Changing the posture every 15 minutes.

Fred: agree with yasmine. my yoga instructor had also advised to do brahmari 9 times at least before diving into meditation.

Suresh: the techniques may vary from person 2 person. however, some rounds of kapalbhati followed by nadi shodhana and bhramari works well.advanced practitioners may collaborate it with bandhas.

William: I use the process of preparing my cushion, crossing my legs, and placing my hands, to set my intent to accept whatever comes while on the cushion.

Ariffatri: just focus on your breathing, inhale with the count of 5 and exhale in the count of 10, try to feel your stomach up and down, and your chest fact u may also close your eyes and focus at one point infront of you

Sulin: take a deep breathe...relax...try to recognise & still your mind that filled with the problems of the day.And the most important thing that you need to do is relax..

Mita: n even take any gods photo......or an object keep watching it for 5-8 mins n one ur mind in controle ...shift urself in meditation......let the -----OUTTER ATMOSPHERE BE CLEAN PLACE...NO NOISE..NO DISTRACTION......N FULL OF NATURAL LIGHT IT GIVES POSITVETY...

Tirumalanath: I normally get totally relaxed when i see small kids...very innocent, playful and full of energy. Just think about a small child and his actions; you will forget all other things.


Guru Bala: If you have been awakened the Kundalini Shakthi, by a Guru ,you wont have problem on focussing your mind during meditation.! Any attempt to medite without initation will not help you in Dhyana.!


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  • If you are seeking inner peace and a sense of balance, there are many things you can do. Meditation is one of them. Relaxing and focusing your mind has profound effects on your emotions and quality of sleep. It can boost productivity, concentration and creativity. Even a short time spent in meditation can provide significant benefits to your well-being. Whether you want to learn how to meditate or want to improve at it.

    When is the best time to meditate? Whenever is good enough for most people. Many people find it helpful to set aside time for meditation every day. This is a simple tenet of Buddhism. It's also a way of life that can help you achieve a lot of other good things in life: ending loneliness, reaching enlightenment, avoiding chemical addictions, overcoming fear of change.

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  • OM SHANTI.........
  • according to me before meditation we have to think that we are just the souls.........not a body............we are all the children of the supreme soul,Paramatma................Paramatma is our mother, father, brother sister, friend ,teacher evrything........the qualities situated in Paramatma, are also situated in us .........with this thinking we have to think strongly about the most bright star closing our eyes...............after it just imazine I am going to paramdham where paramatma stays.........this is our original home............ this is the process of doing meditation properly............Om Shati................
    • Thank you for your reply Shibani and the helpful information.
      Om Shantih,
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