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To become a professional yoga trainer is it necessary to be able to do all asanas?

To become a Yoga Guru is it necessary that we should know to do all difficult asanans like Shirasna Garbhasana etc I find it difficult to do but know most asanas well. by guru i mean a professional trainer.
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice?

Chetankumar: A 'Yoga Guru' is one of the most responsible posts in the world.
Only a person whose body has gone through all the pain,enlightenment and awakening can teach all asanas with its precautions,diet ,timings.
I suggest ,One should wait till he/sh...e gets to this level to do this job
A 'Yoga Guru' Always has all the answers.....Do U have it?

Shoumava: i meant Hata Yoga sorry by guru i mean a professional trainer i did not frame my question well

Jeff: there are gurus and Gurus - the first are provisional teachers, the second is the Ultimate teacher - and that latter guru is the only ultimately real *guru* - which is why, to borrow the shocking Zen metaphor, the Buddha on the road is slated for execution...

Angele: Aquarian age - we each have it in us to be our own guru, so many so called gurus are self appointed....

Robert: Yoga Guru is not just an awake man, it's free of his karma, and he is in a continuous samadhi state being ONE.
Those Gurus that are not even awaken (Illuminated) and knows all the asanas, those are just a simple hatha yoga instructor, or a f...itness instructor.
Guru is in Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the highest state) being in Samadhi and also 100% focus on what's happening around him.
Anyway, I'm too small to talk about this, but we need to know the differences between a fake Guru and a real one.

Harte: Shoumava:First clarify, you mean Hatha Yoga i.e. asanas or being a perfected yogic being...Clearly Specify!!

Mei: i'm just going to take it that the question is referring to being a yoga INSTRUCTOR. to be a yoga instructor, it is not necessary to be able to execute perfectly all the advance asanas, but you have to be able to convey and guide your students effectively into asanas.

Ramesh: practise with determination and regularly its easy
you cant master all the asanas teach what u know u r guru

Natasha: yoga is a way of life .The asanaas are a very very small and minor component of any yoga .
You need to know many more and to advance ther you need good and perfect health .Yoga ensures you are in that health and maintain that health and ...state of mind .
Yoga Guru is something that one attains after rigourous practice of many aspects of YOGIC SCIENCES .
Yoga ensures you are in that health and maintain that health and ...state of mind thru yoga asanaas .

Chetankumar: To become a yog guru one may not have learn most number of asanas.
But ensure dat u know all da details of da asana u know, and da complications of it so dat u can take care of all da querries of student on it.
Not every asana is easy for ev...ery aspirant.
Only a guru can suggest it after close examination of abilities of da student ,in da most safest way possible and yet prove effective .

Wee: i think 2 teach asanas is an Instructor, not a GURU.

Shoumava: I am speaking about Hatha Yoga. Yoga Vidya my earlier question meant how to become a professional trainer as i have a good theoritical knowledge of Yoga and know most asanas well but a few asanas i have never tried or felt necessary to do like garbhasana, sirsasana etc to become a trainer are these necessary at least at a begginers level‌
Also as my hip and thigh area is very thick by birth i find it difficult to master such excercises like Garbhasana also i had epilepsy in childhood which is now cured 100% so would it be safe to do a head stand for me

Sita: Well some asanas you will probably not likely find many students who can do them either. I wouldn't think you would have to do every single asana to be a good trainer. I know someone who has epilepsy and who does headstands without a problem, however, I'm not a doctor and can't make a medical diagnosis as to how epilepsy would be affected by headstands.

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