• its an excellent video on Brahmari. Brahmari is a pranayama technique which should do with a humming sound. this vibrating sound gives the inner bliss of one who experienced this.
    i strongly recommended this video
  • Any of the yogas will take you to the Lord's feet eventually; how long it takes depends on your purity, level of effort in this life and in past lives, how sincere you are, etc. There is no prescription and the process will be somewhat unique to every person. You can use any of the mantras that appeal to you.
  • Here is a video you can watch on Brahmari.
    • Hariom sita chaitanyaji. Is there any Yoga were it can take me straight to my Lord's feet by doing it once and for all. Can u teach me some manthra which can make me love myself and every1 under d sun? Pleeez u may think i am a crazy person but i dont mind. I want myself be dipped,drenched. filled dripped in divine love for my Lord and Lord alone. Purely unconditional.
    • hariom sita chaitanyaji,
      the video on Brahmari is very beautiful and simple yoga. we can do while at our wrk place too. Which is excellent. can children do this yoga? I want to learn how 2 do Surya Namaskar . can u help me please? looking fwd for ur reply. hariom
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