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Om namah Shivay What is kundalini yoga ? How to practice it ? Namaste
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise?

Shoumava: Kundlani Yoga is the yoga which helps in awakening the kundalini with practice of certain meditation techniques, pranayamic breathing and asanas. It is a form of Raja Yoga in which the Yogi focusses on his Shat chakras ( six chakras) and ultimately to the highest goals of attaining God and eternal bliss
Generally all forms of Yogi practices and Ashthanga Yoga is directed with the final goal of arising and awakening the Kundali the serpent like energy cuddled at the base of your spine.
You can follow normal Yogic practices as well as practice under a certified master to attain it

Guru Bala: Awakening the serpent power that lies in the base chakra, through yoga practice !

Sharon: want 2 get more kind of style,wt high breathing

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I agree with all of above answers and would add Yogi Bhajan is one of the more famous Kundalini masters who brought this style to the US. Although he has passed, one can google his name and find websites that describe Kundalini sets and pranayam exercises. Sat Nam!


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