In Yoga there are many kinds of meditation. And Yoga practice can be combined with meditation techniques from Buddhist, Christian and other traditions. What kind of meditation are you practicing? For how long have you been practicing this type of meditation? Share any insight.

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  • I have praticed and practice the kundalini meditation from Osho.

    Cheers Ron
  • Are the techniques of concentration that is Dharana being discussed.
  • look aim meditating from last 15 years and i have a research on it. in my begning i joined a meditation camp, but the problem was concentration. i tried,tried and i cant follow it. later i met a yogi in himalyas, i was with him for six months he taught me ACHINTYA. . and from last 15 years aim practicing achintya and have taught it to many yogis.
  • I have been practising the busy single moms toilet meditation succsessfully for years.. Nowadays when my son is older I sing the Gayatri mantra or other breathe and meditate usually 10 or 15 minutes without disturbance.I know that one day maybe in the next life I too can go to the mountains (like Milarepa and others) and pray...But untill then Im happy because I find Gods presence even in such a short practise..Om Shanti!
  • I must confess that Ive been a meditation gypsy, not settling for any one technique. One method that I like is the Soham Hamsa meditation with the breath. This is very relaxing. Another is mildly focussing on the seven chakras one at a time for a few breaths each, this is awakening, sometimes I repeat OM mentally for a few minutes and then sit in the silence that follows. Each meditation for each mood. I know that this is wrong and that the basic lesson taught by the guru is to stick to one meditation. Please advice.
    • Namaste! there is no wrong way!!!!!! Its just wonderful you care to meditate at all.Think how many people in this world are doing it.Everytime you feel relaxed and loved during meditation you are connected to God.If you feel so much love your heart is exploding you are very near your spiritual goal..By the way what is your spiritual goal? Mine is to be with God allways! You are on the right path my friend keep on going.
  • I practice mantra meditation and kriya yoga meditation. In both cases I feel very content. I try to give each technique its time during the day. I like to have some inspiring readings before.
    • Kriya Yoga is by Yogananda. i know it is very effective. One has to learn from the Guru? Can you tell me the tehniques?
  • Buddha is good master...
    In practing there is my anima -jiva- that fly to meet at Supreme Soul -Atman-.
    In my vision all space other space is Atman, and only it is real.
    I met bramino master in the 1994 so I begun to meditation.

    To be x to know x to enjoy : Satcitananda.
  • Namaste, i like most to meditate with chakra- and mantra-concentration, i try my best to meditate every day , i don´t want to miss it. Love and light, Vani Devi
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