What yoga can u do for pulpitation and for panic attacks?? - this is a question asked by Hasham. Do you have any advice? Or any ideas based on personal experience?

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  • In my view and personal experience at this moment you must do meditation and chanting mantras helps to release stress.

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    Shoumav: Shavasana is good for containing palpitation as it relaxes your nerves
    Shivy: I think deep breathing in which time of exhaling should b double than that of inhaling will certainly help.....but shud avoid excessive exercise.

    Shoumav: yups ppl who have palpitation shud start with soft asanas.. like sukhasana, shavasana, vajrasana which strengthens the heart, paschimottasana, simhasana, practice mantra of Om and Aum in breathes in ratio of 1:4:2 as inhale,hold and exhale

    Annette: yoga brings calmness and focus...so less need for anxiety and worries. Hence, less panic attacks & palpitation ;-)

    Guillermo: You should learn pratyahara and observe your thoughts as if they were a film and you were a mere spectator. Meanwhile practice deep and slow breathing. I used to suffer with panic attacks when I was a young boy, but it all dissapeared with thought control; it is a slow process but finally you learn to do it. You could start by practicing this ... mental formula from Swami Sivananda. But first things first, don´t try to fight actively those ideas, because they become stronger. Be indifferent, neutral, and repeat this formula, " Om, who am I. I'm sakshi, just an observer of these thoughts and emotions. I have nothing to do with these false and delusive mental images. They cannot act upon me." Finally those panic thoughts will die by themselves. You can read more about it in the book "Thought-power", by Swami Sivananda. Moreover, practice regularly sirshasana. It is fantastic.
    Good luck.

    Manfred: rajasic mind.... torments itself!

    deep breathing (Pranayama) left nostril, right nostril, slowly, slowly comin down... in, out, one, two... one, two...watch itflow gently, gently, Shavasana (Corpse pose) lay down and relax, let go, breathe gently - visualize sunflower fields, waving gently in the soft breeze.... relax!

    Sunil: yes i have answer .....pls don't do hath yoga .but u do pranayam nd inter the patient own spritual energy like reiki..than patient normalize....
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    Vanita: some positive affirmations like..nothing is wrong with me...or this will pass off..or God is taking care of me..i am fine..etc. also helps alongwith anulom vilom and bhastrika.

    Kel: yogic deep breathing always helps. . .
    Kirti: Not just chanting .......... but LOUD CHANTING OF OM for 5 mins .... works no matter what .................... Try it
    Ilona: Backbends are good - they open the emotional centre, and inversions will also help!
    Manal: good practice of pranyama
    Jose: Pranayama is the best when you are anxious

    Sita Ch: Anyway, just wanted to add that my advice above is based on personal experience. I had heart palpitations and panic attacks and it was because of a thyroid disorder, which then leads to stress because it's scary. Had to see a doctor to get over the physical problem, and then do the yoga to get rid of the stress and fear that it would happen again.

    Hope you feel better soon Hasham.
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    Kapila: A combination of a cardio activity or suryanamaskars to release endorphins. Daily asanas. Anuloma Vinolam Pranayam helped me with my PAs. Talk to your yoga teacher to give you a personalised routine. Also speak to a Doc...... All the best Hasham- you'll be fine...

    Lynette: breathe, breathe and breathe, sun salutes are helpful too as are balance poses - but you unfortunately we can't do yoga all day, so go to the doctor and get a script - Zoloft works well

    Elena: when i'm yogging, doesn't matter what am i doing exactly: ti helps )))

    Priyanka: oh anulom vilom n bhastrika are powerful pranayams for panic attacks n migranes..moreover inverted poses allow the blood flow in the head region helps sleep n provide relief!!

    Ariffatri: need personal advice in this, since i always suffer with panic attack
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    Sandi: Ujjayi breathing always helps me with my anxiety.
    Nikita: Deep breathing dn meditation cn help.....
    Edgar: I´m learning deep breathing, working on it..
    Santhanam: uttida pada asana and sarvangasana will reduce the stress... my personal experience...
    Laya: Pranayam, I think is the answer
    Christine: Pranayama Yoga - ideal for Anx & Panic. Samasathi is facilitating a Retreat 24-27 June.. Costs are ver reasonable. He has a website. www.samasathi etc. If you are interested, please feel free to mention that I recommended him. Blessings Chris***
  • Sita Ch answered: If the palpitations and panic attacks are due to stress, then pranayama, asanas and meditation would all help. If there is another physical underlying reason then perhaps see a doctor as well. Further advice/experiences welcome!
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