This question was asked by Komang: 

Can you tell me, when is the good time to do the yoga?

Some answers from our Facebook friends - please add your answers below:

Fran: anytime

Catherine: I would say whenever you can

Enyda:  I think in the morning..before sunrise..because the air still fresh,clear..

Jubi:  the best time 4 me to do yoga is in d morning or at 5 pm. i do yoga for 1 hr. make sure do yoga 2-3 hrs after eating

Premal: Asanas/pranayama - on empty stomach or atleast 3 hours after meals (not heavy)

Bandhas/locks - strictly on empty stomach
mudras - anytime
Following regular routine -- do yoga early morning or evening...

Sesilia: in the morning 5am-7am to get spirit for starting new day, and in the evening at 6pm-8pm to close the day.

11:one n one with the Source

01: i release,n become transparant.. Zero 2 outside.. One full person inside

Kristin: ‎...when you have time...and aren't rushed by another deadline or pressing appt....

Ta: 4AM to 6AM traditionally

Bharat: yoga is (traditionaly) prohibited when sun can be felt over your head.... as said by B. K. S. Iyenger (the foremost authority on ashtang yoga)

Shakhar: Namaste.
If one hv yoga attitude, passionate, love you then one can practice yogasan anytime anywhere.
om namah shivaay :)

Sumit: Do it early morning on empty stomach.

Nichele: Yoga can benefit you at any time of the day, but during the Amrit Vela (the "ambrosial hours" 2 1/2 hours or so before the sun rises) the energy is said to be the best, because of the angle of the sun to the earth.

Maria: I enjoy it in the morning or before going to bed at night. I guess this is very personal!!

Alicia: I love it early in the morning. 

Rishita: Anytime...2-3 hrs after your meal or empty stomach

Tete: anytime!

Keerthana: around 6 in the morning. 

Sanjiv: to me yoga is a state of mind you need to be in all the time. If you people mean asanas I think brahma muhurat is the best time for the begginers. Get up as early as you can drink a lot of water atleast 2 glass ful, Do tadasan triyak tadasan and katichakrasan than go to toilet. Thats quite fantastic with me.

Suguna: Anytime on a fairly empty stomach - which makes the best time between 5am-9am or 4pm-7pm.

Shirley: i like to practise yoga in the morning.,because i like the morning air.

Anil: Mornings is good time to reap best benefits of yoga, however one can practice it 4 hours after a meal or 30 minutes after tea / coffee / juice.

Katherine: Morning is good, however in the evening your body's joints & muscles more flexible in the p.m. hours 

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