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You can practice Yoga at any time of the day you feel comfortable. Here
are some possibilities:

- practice early in the morning: You get lots of energy for the day. But
most are more stiff in the morning
- practice in the evening before dinner: You are more flexible in the
- practice about 2-3 hours after dinner. You can do final relaxation for
falling asleep
- practice Yoga whenever you feel confortable.

If you can have a regular practice, it is best. Even if you have irregular working hours, you can be regular:

Establish a specific time for each typical kind of day. For example you can say/write/pledge:
- when I start work early in the morning, I will practice directly after work
- whenever I start working later, I will practice in the morning
- whenever I have lots of energy, I will practice the more demanding postures
- whenever I am more tired, I will do more relaxation.

Normally it is best not to eat about 1-4 hours before Yoga practice. Try out what feels most

What do you think? Please share your thoughts, advice and experiences.

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I am a beginner at Yoga and these are great tips. Thanks!!


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