Is it cauz we have never been told frm the birth that we have been identified with our body all the time right from the begining? can any1 answer, me? Will there b a deffrence if a child is made to understand that its not his body he is "ATMAN""?

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  • Yes, Dear Anandi,

    I said only Holy Aatma, such soul who have already received the absolute State can take rebirth as per his wish and can choose a womb too but since such chaitanaya soul keeps only one desire to get totality in his life so then again rebirth could not take place as he receives like wise but again to obey his Sadgurudev's words he take rebirth to complete the job and after completion of the same he leaves the body and meet his absolute state again.
    Whereas common Aatma that had been lived throughout the life with many desires and at the last stage of his life his Mann also remains in uncertainty with many desires which the person (holing that Aatma) could fulfilled in his present life take rebirth again to get his desire fulfilled but since he has no such powers to choose the womb he takes as is where is available condition and again it comes to his life according to his Karmas he did and that keeps on going unless receive Sadgurudev Kind Bless.
    Common Aatama have no choices here since you have not received such powers to do so it takes birth trough the available one only and it is not possible at all while living in material life unless you have received such Chaitanya state.
    My advice is that live the present life what you have got and do all efforts to live how you like and enjoy it completely but keep your main target ahead to achieve it and not to waist your time in such topics because you will get only words and nothings else, if you like then try to understand yourself but how? Question arises here again. So keep on thinking about this present life why you have received you will definitely get such way.

    Kriyananda Maharsi Dayananda
  • Your questions are not stupid. Yes of course I will answer your questions, and other people too when they can. om
  • hariom. thank u once again. for telling me to concentrate on my meditation and my yoga. i will. but sometimes what happens is tht my mind is filled with some stupid questions and i want to clear . Frankly, after reading ur answer i realized tht what a stupid question i hav asked . its jus tht it happens. Swami , is correct and i fully agree with u too. Thank u once again. Nice to have u as a friend. In future , if it all i want to ask something will u kindly respond to my quiries??? Hariom.
  • According to what Swami Sivananda says, the predominant thought is the one that will prevail at the time of death. So according to this it would not work to do wrong all your life and then think about the Lord at the time of death. I can only tell you what I have learned by reading his books. I think the best is to not worry so much about it and to just live a good life and do yoga as much as you are able, then the karmas and lives will work themselves out.
  • Hariom, thank u once again.
    So u mean to say if a person keeps doing wrong thing all d time in his life and when he is abt to leave his body he jus starts thinking sincerely abt Lord . Den he gets a yogi birth in his next life? or if a person does good thing all d time and in d end of his time he thinks abt not abt Lord then he will not b born as a yogi? Next birth?. am i making myself clear abt this question.? How can it b? wii b looking fwd for ur reply.
  • According to books I have read, mostly books by Swami Sivananda, he says the predominant thought of your life is what you will think of at the moment of death and that it determines your next birth.

    I like to think that we do not choose a "wrong" womb, but rather the one that will be most conducive to the prarabdha karma that we have to work on in that given life. Later in life it may feel like we made a "wrong" choice, but we have to accept where we are and work on our karmas and try to make the best of our situations.
  • It is based on a strong belief and experience. No body has seen the “Aatma” and “Manna” so far yet we believe on them why?

    Because there are two parts of a human body one is outer body called physical (a esthool deha) part and another is Internal body called spiritual part “Aatma” and “Mann” (a Suckhhama Sarir). I believe that 99% human are seems to be alive but actually they are living with one part of their body because they are advised and have been taught right from the beginning about only outer world and it is because of their rituals and parent who even do not know what is another part of this body and how it works or can be used, even they do not know what is their actual aim of their life and why they have taken rebirth for? They only know about material life and have accepted them as the way they come to their life. That’s it.

    There should not be a difference if a child is made to understand who he is actually and why he has taken rebirth for. The fact is that “as Esthool Deha is true in our material life Suckhhama Sarir is also true in our spiritual life similarly” but to know this part, one will have to walk truly on the path of self realization with a firm decision. One can receive only the guide lines and procedures but ultimately he will have to proceed accordingly to experience the real object of life. The more you discuss or the more you read the books may create confusions within you mind it.

    If, I tell you that a new birth takes place due to a course of male and female that every body will believe but if I tell you that a Holy Aatma can only choose a womb for his next birth as per his wish and Impure Aatma just take birth where ever it finds the womb then most of the people will deny with it.

    So, thinking for a Body without Aatma and a Aatma without a body impossible both are synonym and to know these, Body Aatam and Mann you will have to follow the guide lines through which you can understand them (Yourself) in a better way and can enjoy the life accordingly.

    I wish you to have such path and receive the “Gyana”.

    May Paramhamsa Swami Nikhileshworananda bless you.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
    • Hariom Maharshiji,
      thank you very much for patiently explaining my question. Thanks for d blessings too. i read in some books tht when the soul leaves the body whatever is the last "strong thoughts" he holds on to he becomes that . Is it true? and Y is it our mind cannot get attached to Lord's feet all d time with divine devotion? Is it something to do it our wrong choice of choosing d womb?
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