todays life is a rat race. we have to watch this compitition daily for keeping ourself fit to remain in the race. this is for entrance in school, or getting a job, or getting good house or daily food with proper nutrition etc. these activities create pressure, tention and stress on body and mind. the level of tention goes up and up when we try for upper and upper grade of life style and stability in system. the increased pressure creates more space for stress which reflects in imbalace of hormonal changes in body. like optic plazma, endorphin,aderline or cortisole etc. these are directly related with your respiratory system and breathing sequence. the up and down in these hormones force you to do half hazard or shallow breathing. this means low supply of oxigen to system and cells. the end result is pressure on nervous system and on musculler system. the natural balance and co-ordination and state of organce start going down. the whole system gets disturbed and puzzuled. the continued actions make organs work without rest. many times we do not allow system to flush out gathered toxins in time and the problem starts.


Daily yoga practice helps you to control the imbalace of hormons. the endocrine system gets cleaned by proper secretion of every glands. the balanced mind helps limbs to act naturaly.our needs come down. balanced thinking power helps oneself to take rational decisions for upper satisfaction

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