Yoga for back problems

What will be the postures to avoid, and the ones to focus on, as far as back problems are concerned ? Namaste !
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Praveena: Any forward bend should be avoided.Many times bhujangasan, matsyendrasan and ushtrasan agravate the problem.So one should do this after proper stamina building by doing more of sukshmavyayam and loosening exercise.

Mei: from experience, if students suffer from lower back pain, in all asanas, they should learn to pull the navel into the spine, to engage the core, and try to scoop the tailbone under, so they lengthen the lower back instead of compressing it....
in fact, as a rule of thumb, in most asanas, we should try to scoop the tailbone under, pull the navel into the spine (to engage the core) to ensure that we are maximising the length of the spine thus avoiding compression on the lower back

Nitin: Sleep on flat wood bed. Do not sleep on soft double bed.

Fitnessbd: by maintaining proper posture all the time and practicing lengthening exercises or stretching or yoga pose for the spine.Focusing on back stretching yoga poses are also helpful.

Shammi: No forward bend to start with. However, all those postures that involve back stretch and twisting postures should be practiced as per ones capacity and not by applying extra power. SetuBandhasana, Pawanmukta asana or simple leg raises against the wall Lying down on the floor and hip touching the wall) would help to a greater extent.

Haryadi: He padahastana movement and pascimotanasana certainly recover from back pain. he .. he .. he ..

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  • Facing the issue of back problem, then you can do the yoga for reducing the pain from the back. Once you start the yoga in your daily routine, then it will help you in making your body more healthy and fit. After joining the Yoga Teacher Training in India you will learn the yoga principles which helps you in performing the yoga asanas in proper form. Once you start doing the yoga, then it will make your body more flexible and reduce the back pain.

    Here are some yoga asanas you can do in your routine for reducing the pain from the back:

    • Cat Pose
    • Cow Pose
    • Bow Pose
    • Camel Pose
    • Bridge Pose
    • Dolphin Pose
    • Downward Facing Dog
    • Eagle Pose
    • Fish Pose
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