Yoga for better sleep

Which Yoga is best for better sleep? This question has been asked a few times. Here a few hints - please write about your own experiences and points of view.

  • In general, Yoga helps to sleep better. If you practice Yoga at any time of the day, you will most likely sleep quite well

  • Meditation is very helpful before sleeping. When you meditate for just a few minutes, this should improve your sleep. Prayer also helps

  • Some Yoga practicioners find it most helpful to do Yoga directly before going to sleep, but not doing the final relaxation on the Yoga mat but in bed instead - and fall asleep with a Yoga deep relaxation technique

  • Some students find it helpful to read some inspiring books right before going to sleep

  • Some students become very awake when practicin certain forms of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. They find it difficult to sleep afterwards. Usually this problem will disappear after a few days. In these cases, meditation and/or reading of a spiritual book will be helpful

  • Very challenging Yoga which gets the heart going should not be done immediately before going to bed. 1-2 hours before sleep is ok

  • Especially helpful for a good sleep are Alternate Nostril Breathing, Forward bends and Spinal twist. And, of course, relaxation and abdominal breathing.

  • When going to bed you can make autosuggestions like: "I want to fall asleep in 5 minutes. I want to wake up at 6 am. I will be full of energy when I wake up. Now I am very relaxed" Afterwards say some prayer or repeat a Mantra or do a deep relaxation technique. You will fall asleep quite well

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  • Yoga is the best way to take the quality sleep. If you don't getting the proper sleep at night, then main reason is stress, tension or depression which is most common problem face by many people. If you want to get rid from the stress and depression, then you can give a try to yoga. Doing the yoga is incredible way to reduce the stress and depression levels. If you learn the yoga poses, then take a classes at Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. In this yoga courses you will learn yoga asanas which helps you in taking the quality of sleep. Yoga is best for getting rid from the stress and depression. If you do yoga for 15 minutes, then it will give the effective result in the taking the quality sleep at night which helps you in stay active for the entire day on next morning.

    • Child Pose: This yoga pose is relaxing yoga pose which relieves the tension and stress from the body and help you in taking the quality sleep at night. If you practice this yoga pose in you daily routine, then it will help you in taking the quality sleep at nigh. Try this yoga pose and see the positive result in taking sleep.
    • Legs Up the wall: This yoga pose increase the blood circulation in the body and flow the high amount of blood in the head which lead to relieve the stress from the body. By this yoga pose it will allow you to take the right and proper sleep at night.
    • Corpse Pose: This yoga pose helps in relieving the stress and you will take the sleep by doing this yoga pose. By this yoga pose you will get the effective result in taking the proper sleep. This yoga pose is best among all yoga pose for taking the proper sleep at night.
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