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I was asked a question re. lower back problems.
Although I will elaborate on this theme in course of time, here is an answer, suited especially to more beginning students:

There are plenty of exercises for the lower back. You might want to try the following: (1) Yoga Pelvic Tilt (2) Pavana Muktasana - this releases tension from the lower back
(3) Child's pose: relaxes lower back (4) Erxercises to strengthen abdominal muscles (5) Cat Pose to strengthen the back muscles (6) Final relaxation (you might want to put 2 pillow under your knees)
Start learning the first exercise for 1-4 days. Then add the second one for 1-4 days. Then add the thirs one, and continue like this. You should feel much better soon.
In the course of time I will give more infos on Yoga for the back.

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There are many ways to cure the problem of back, but yoga is best among all. It is a natural method to cure the problem of back and it will also allow you to make the improvements in your back like spine alignment and hip joint pains. The regular practice of yoga will allow you to take the effective health benefits of practicing yoga.

Here i am going to mention some incredible yoga pose which beginners can also practice:

  • Prone Leg extensions
  • Legs up the wall
  • Child pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Cow Pose
  • Two knee spinal twist
  • Downward facing dog


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