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When you have neck problems, Yoga can help:
(1) Do exercises to relax the neck, for example:
(2) Strengthen you neck muscles. I only have a German Video on this - you might want to just watch the visuals: The principle: You push gently with your head against the hands for about 10 seconds. You do this every 2-3 days. Watch the photograps on
(3) You change the main Asanas in a way that you can do them. You do dog instead of headstand. You do supported shoulderstand instead of normal shoulderstand. In fish, you put the back of your head on the floow instead of the top of you head. In inclined plane and Cobra you keep head and neck straight (instead bending to the back).
(4) You train yourself to deal with stress

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This is an excellent thread as I have dealt with neck problems for a long, long time and only now this year am getting some permanent relief even after years of daily yoga practice. For me, it was a combination of correcting my posture through yoga asanas, and learning to deal with stress better, mainly by developing a more even mind through meditation.

Yoga works and heals many, many problems.

Yes true, yoga is good for entire health. If you face the issue of neck problem, then you must start the yoga practice everyday for at least 15 minutes. Taking the Yoga Training is a great way to learn the different types of yoga poses which you can practice at home.

Here are some yoga poses are listed below:
1 Child Pose
2 Cat Pose
3 Extended Puppy Pose
4 Extended Triangle Pose
5 Corpse Pose


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