What yoga techniques can I apply to boost my focus and concentration. Thank you for your help. This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Eyes: Yoga is a great way to improve concentration, just by its nature. Working a few of the postures and breathing exercises below into your practice can help boost your power to focus even more! Shoumava: Tratak : involves fixed gazing at an object of concentration like a light or a material object and concentrating on it. This method calms a restless mind, stimulates the nervous system and helps in improving memory and concentration Jyotih: Candle gazing! As my guru always says "no thinking, no blinking" let the eyes relax and well up with tears. softly gaze at the flam and think of nothing else. when the mind wanders bring it back to the flame. Sushant: this technique of trataka if followed by kriyayoga works the best.. i have self-experienced it many times. trataka+kriyayoga is the best way of increasing focus and concentration. Chetankumar: Dat is known as Tratak. Its good . But be cautious also. Abi: cn any1 pls tel abt tratak? Bobby: Alternate nostril pranayama works for me. I often do it while driving. Ilhaam: I focus on my breath. If my mind wanders i refocus again on my breath. When i inhale i feel the breath flow over my top lip into my body. Sushant: @abi kindly refer to http://www.healthandyoga.com/html/news/meditation/trataka.asp Vimitha: Through meditation! It helps me a lot in every way,concentration,patience etc etc... Claire: Practise more balancing postures. Also, when ur in a comfortable and steady asana, close your eyes take your gaze to your third eye chakra, keeping the mind still and focus on this space.. Hari om. Gonzalez: exercise and meditation… also writing, and drawing. ♥ Indri: Trakta in Yoga, close u eyes, thing time working heart and mind, so good breath. Joseph: beyond pain and happiness.. ^^, Sarala: Talk less and observe more. Lucy: mananat trayete iti mantra....the definition of mantra is that which protects your mind. It gives you a focus point to come back to again and again making you one pointed, unite it with your breath..

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  • Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on experiential and transcendental phenomena. It focuses on bringing a positive harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of healthy living.

    People give many justifications for having a poor memory, Concentration like – we’re busy, overworked, and constantly overwhelmed. We don’t have the mental or emotional energy to remember all the stuff we need to! One of the reasons which play a major role in a weak mind is Stress. It is an enemy of Clear Thinking and if allowed to build up can lead to severe focus and memory problems.

    If you want to learn in detail here is the best workshop for the you-The workshop on Yoga for Memory and Concentration has been designed, especially by Kaivalyadhama – one of the oldest Yoga Institutes in the world focuses on learning how to treat your mind, body, and emotions with the Yoga practice taught in this workshop.

  • There is indeed no better way than yoga to improve concentration and memory power. This is a straightforward reason that yoga is being prioritized in modern-day institutions. The best part about improving concentration through yoga is that the person manages to get better fitness as well. Given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses recommended for those who want to sharpen their concentration skill.

    Bhramri: It is one of the finest concentration yoga recommended mostly for children.

    Natrajasana: it is a nice physical yoga concentration exercise. The pose improves body balance through better concentration.

    Meditating in Lotus position: Meditating in lotus position can be a nice way of yoga for concentration improvement.

    Mayurasana: This is a good physical yoga for increasing concentration.

    Savasana: it is considered the best yoga for memory power boosting.

    Anulom-Vilom: it is considered the best concentration exercise for beginners mostly.

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  • Yoga is not merely a way to relax and unwind. It is a direct line to greater health, wealth, and peace. It advances beyond the realm of philosophy and into actual science. The physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga are so incredible that most people who practice it swear by its positive effects on their lives. The following list of benefits provides just a hint of how yoga can open your door to a better life.

    Yoga is an excellent way to get in shape and strengthen the body while getting spiritually aware. There are numerous benefits to regular yoga practice. It can help lower your blood pressure, ease stress and even reduce the symptoms of certain types of cancer. A recent study published in The BMJ found that regular yoga practice was linked to a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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