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  • Namaste from La Paz, Boliva.
    Om Shanti !

    Dr. Kalam
  • om, om , om , thank you for taking part .
  • Swami Vishnudevananda said, "He wanted to have a place where everyone could practice Yoga."

    The last time Swamiji saw Ruby Blue He was sitting in a car, she grabbed Him by the shirt collar and looked Him straight into the eyes and said." You have to know what You have done to the world." Swami Vishnu said, Thanks."
    Ruby Blue knew He was leaving for the last time and was behind a Tree ( out of sight ) Swamiji had the car driven over to the camp and had Swami Karttekeya go down behind the Tree and get Ruby blue and bring her to the car. They are both in the Spiritual world at Sivananda loka. Swami Vishnu once said, " Master Sivananda was going to send a Vimana ( space ship ) when Dr. Sivananda Adharyoo died and take him to heaven. He was the great eye surgeon who would do 12 cararac operation at a time. 250 on a weekend. The doctor told us ATTC 1984 "If you give more than you take your life is a success."
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