cape town south africa

I ...

... am a Yoga Practicioner

I am an expert in the following areas:

am not expert at all - just do yoga & meditation at home

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

at the moment , am praying to the tibetan sang ngakmang kind of yoga for a line, or similar to kum nye , or typical hatha yoga ;& i think of animals - yoga : how animals are in their natural habitat , this is like yoga.

More about me:

i am a tibetan buddhist , do yoga , love animals & do petitions online ; vegetarian. i must confess i have had a bad time with spiritual groups generally , somehow the ones i go to are not safe & i end up doing everything alone at home , where as well i still suffer abuse . so - it is very difficult to find a safe & immortal protector teacher thesedays. but living in cape town , this is a bad place for me , overseas much better. i am not highly intelligent , or elitist . just a very simple, straight , liberal. i have problems with bullies , psycho-bullies , emotional abuse , harassment , discrimination & death threats as a solo practitioner , etc. can not find help .

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

anything saying that the animals will one day no longer be killed , all these sayings & prophecies, anything about abolishing animal cruelty , mystical - nature , animals as teachers . yogi-hermit saints in the himalayas. mountains.

Website: /candle4tibet

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  • Happy birthday suzanne,

    may your wildest dreams come true.

    Om shanti
    Eduard - Member of Yoga Vidya e. V. Webteam


  • hi, how are you? nice to meet you . wish you a nice weekend
    loves and regards
  • Namaste Suzanne,
    Thank you for joining It is great to have you here as a Tibetan Buddhist practicing Yoga
    Ask questions, share your Yoga experiences, photgraphs and Video.
    Browse through the pages - you will find a lot of material for your Yoga practice here.
    I wish you lots of inspiration!
    Om Shanti
    Love, Sukadev
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