CHAKRA Meditation

This is an advance meditative practice in which the concentration is focused on the various energy center or charkas. There are 7 chakras in human body and they are described corresponding to different endocrine gland. Charkas are (1) Mooladhara (2) Swadhisthan (3) Manipura (4) Anahata (5) Vishudhi (6) Ajna (7) Shasatrasar. Hold your attention on each Chakra for as long as you pleased. Imagine you are breathing in and out from the charkas on which you are holding attention. Try this method of Dhyan for 10 to 15 minutes every day. Perception of these psychic centers will bring the development of the endocrine glands. Which in terms will establish not only firm control of reasoning mind over all action.But also correct the unbalanced psychosomatic and metabolic activities. To know more-visit
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