Rape is when a person is forced to get something into their body that they don't want.

If a man rapes a woman, he will be sentenced to many years in prison in the United States.

When it comes to vaccination, the principle of voluntariness is important.

Anyone who voluntarily and convincingly gets vaccinated should do so.

But forcing a person against their will to get something into a body that they don't want is rape.

And every rape has an emotional side too. Rape can or does not have to - break the victim psychologically or even murder the soul.

A compulsory vaccination is therefore rape and will bring great emotional suffering to people.I had no parents and had a cruel childhood in homes. I've been locked up, beaten, scared, raped several times. I know all of this!

Humanity is primarily being seriously damaged emotionally by the corona measures. For many people for life.

The corona measures are damaging our health. All measures weaken our immune system.

Apparently all this so that some people become very powerful and rich!

we are not allowed to watch. We have to take action !!

 Greetings to the human soul

(I will never get vaccinated, I value my freedom more than life on this earth, which will only be for a limited time)

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