Both pregnancy and child birth are unique experiences that transform one’s life completely. Have you recently had a baby or do you know someone who has just given birth?
Once the child arrives, the body is doing very hard work to go back to normal. The hormonal level has to balance again and the woman might face emotional roller coasters.
If you are experiencing some mental fluctuations and strange physical feeling, then don’t worry! It is totally normal!
Practising yoga can be very helpful to ease up your emotions and reduce weight. Please make sure that you wait at least 2 months after delivery until you begin to practise these postures. Your body will need some time to naturally recover without any physical challenge.
It is difficult to jump into your old practise right away or immediately join a Yoga Teacher Training in India, so I have listed for you some asanas and tips to get back into shape and gently reduce some weight at home without dieting or fasting.
1. Drink lots of water and avoid mixing hot and cold
Everyone knows that drinking water is important, but especially after child-birth, your body needs to flush out a lot. Make sure to drink at least 3 L water per day. It will also assist with breast-feeding your little one. Avoid drinking cold and hot drinks right after each other. If you want to drink a cold drink after a hot tea, you should wait at least half an hour.
2. Practise BhadhaKonasana or Bound Angle Pose (Butterfly)
BhadhaKonasana is also known as Butterfly Posture. It’s such a great posture to remove tension from your pelvis and torso. Gently move your knees up and down while holding your feet together. You should always remember to counter-pose, for instance with Child’s Pose.
3. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation
Surya Namaskar is a simple, yet effective way of increasing body strength, reducing weight and strengthening your abdomen. This dynamic asana sequence will allow you to burn calories, improve the blood flow and tone your abdominal muscles. It’s now very important to close the joints again and avoid over-stretching. Aim to practise at least 4-6 rounds per day.
4. Vrikshasana or Tree Pose
Tree Pose is the ultimate posture to re-gain your mental and physical balance in a simple way. Try to balance on one foot while your hands are fixed in pranam mudra (namaste). You should find the balance and hold the position for at least 1-2 minutes. After, you can change the side to counter-balance. It is said that this posture balances ida and pingalanadi, the left and right main nadis (energy channels).
5. SetuBandhasana or Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose will help you to get your hips, pelvis and inner joints fixed again. Try to make the posture a little dynamic at first. Inhale while you move your pelvis up and exhale while you lower it down. After a few rounds, try to maintain the final position for up to 60 seconds.
6. Shavasana
It might sound silly, but Shavasana is as important as the actual practise itself. Only if your body takes some time to rejuvenate and relax each and every muscle, you can get the maximum benefit.After your practise, you should lay down on your back and relax deeply to 5-10 minutes.You can put some relaxation music on if you like.
To be sure to practise all asanas correctly, I always advise to participate at a Yoga Teacher Training in India. This will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to become one with your body and mind and receive the optimum benefits.
Everyone knows that health is wealth, so why not take some time off and join a Yoga Teacher Training in India?
Yoga is not just the repetition of a few postures, it’s a way of discovering the boundless energies of yourself and life.
Personally, It think everyone should complete a Yoga Teacher Training in India in their lives as it is such a valuable experience and totally life-shifting.
Beginners can join a foundational 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India while advanced practitioners should look at the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Author Bio:
Samira Keelan is a passionate yogini, mother and world-traveler. She works as a blogger, journalist and yoga teacher while creating an open-minded and colourful space for her children. She published two e-books and keeps sharing her secrets in order to inspire other unique women.

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