What we actually heal? And why this course is known as Holistic Healer?
In the present lifetime, we carry many traumatic experiences. Not only that, we have some emotional pain, we carry some unexplained issues with us, some negative behavior patterns, some fears, some phobias, some discomforts, some troubling situations in our life.

We have earned our Karma in the form of our talents, abilities, skills, and so many other things. If by chance we are born in a good family in a good environment that is our good fortune.

But still, when we come to the healing, we actually don’t go for healing the good causes, or for the good fortune. We always go for healing when we have troubles in our life. When we have troubles with our body, with our mind, with our emotions, we have our fears, phobias, and certain other issues.So, what is actually healed?

The healing happens for consciousness. We are essentially conscious that I have told you many times and you also know now. And this very consciousness when it is colored by your actions, by your latent tendencies, by your desires, by your likings and dislikings, by your very act of thinking, by your very act of behaving, by your very act of understanding the things around, and about yourself. Then this very consciousness needs healing. Because this consciousness carries wounds from the earlier part of this very lifetime and may be from the past lives, from the immediate past life or many other past lives.

So the healing is necessary, and the past life regression advanced course makes you the holistic healer. Here, you happen to learn Energy Healing, meditative practices from KARMA KRIYA KUNDALINI YOGA and get yourself trained practically with tools and techniques of modern past life regression Science under the wise, experienced and pragmatic guidance of our revered Guruji Yogi Buddhadeva ji.

In this very course, we have combined three courses into one to make you a Holistic Healer in the true sense.


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