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As is the mind’s focus , so the state of mind....

As is the mind’s focus , so the state of mind.
As is the perception,so are the circumstances.
As are the karmas, so is the habitual direction of the mind/person
What this mind serves, so it becomes.
So are the karmas.
One reaps what one sows
Our mere wishes cannot change this.

As are the karma, so does he receive.
What one plants, so does one eats.
As are the praises (of GOD), this also one eats
(his perception changes accordingly),
What one keeps in awareness regularly, so is the path he follow.
current knowledge on “how we work” :.
1) We are said to be three part beings : spirit , mind , and body.

2) Everything begins with consciousness. Everything that happens in our life and everything that happens in our body, begins with something happening in our consciousness

3) Our mind has a consciousness and sub consciousness. The thoughts we have, the words we hear and the experiences we have create our beliefs. The sub consciousness is a store house of our beliefs, the skills we have learnt, our attitudes and perceptions. What we do not consciously decide the sub consciousness takes over and acts.

4)It is well known that: “As we think so we become.” The thoughts we have shape our view of the world and attract to us those very types of circumstances and events. We our self create our own reality.

5)The consciousness is not in our brain only but is everywhere and in each part of our body. Our brain is an important part of our body with a role in the physical body. The illusion is such that for long even scientists believed it to be seat of the mind like belief that sun revolved around the earth. The consciousness is connected to every cell in the body.

6)The physical body has a field of energy around it commonly known as Aura. This field has been studied and even measured through a process known as Kirlian photography. The first layer of this energy field is an exact copy of our physical body - a template. When a limb is cut or an organ removed its ethric counterpart remains. The next layers house our emotions and mind patterns. This astral bank of energy thought forms which are information patterns are ever with us .What we focus on in our conscious mind immediately gets operative not only in our mind but in our body’s physiology. With any remembrance/ thought of a word we feel it in our body as well.

Consciousness-------->Energy Field ------>Physical Body.

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