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Blog on 9/1/10 Janmastami.

Towards the end of her life she would not go to Yoga Camp. She said, “ It was not one big family anymore. “ She started crying ... She said, “Swami Vishnudevananda held everyone’s feet to the fire, He made them do the right thing.”

In 1988 Swami Sahajananda told me during Master’s Sivananda 100 year Anniversary That He wanted to freely print 12 volumes on Master Sivananda, Swami Krishnanada said, “No” 8 volumes. Swami S. said I’ll pay for everything. Swami K. said, No.”

Swami Sahajananda started laughing ... “ We all have these big organizations and we teach we are all one in spirit but we (Sivananda’s immediate disciples) can’t sit around and have breakfast without arguing. Only Sivananda could keep the peace.”

I have always remembered that. When people have a reason they can’t make the Reunion I always remember that story.

Ruby, the Reunion is happening and people are getting together ... Those Jaya Ganesha’s during the Reunion are very special.

Swami Vishnudevananda really didn’t like His contemporaries as He wanted all the Yogas taught but He also said, “He wasn’t the only teacher.”

My parents taught me to honor all different opinions (different Yogas ) that is my path. Insecure people try to hold on to people. Laughing. Make someone else stronger in their Yoga practice, that’s healthy.

Swami Sivananda sent His disciples to other ashrams to study etc. as Rishikesh didn’t have the teachers or the facility for maybe Sanskrit.

Ex-disciples came to Rishikesh. Master would allow them to criticize Him & His work. He gave them the “stage” to them. He didn’t care. Swami Vishnu said, “ Master was so detached.”

Once Swami Vishnu told us “ That his disciples like Swami Shanmugananda & Swami Mahadevananda could accept scolding from Him, He (Swamiji) could never do that. They sit there and put their heads down and listen.”

Swamiji was in awe of that. There are many faces to a Guru.

Today is Janmastimi. Lord Krishna’s birthday. Swamiji said, “ Give me mala beads, pranayama, and a Srimad Bhagavatam and you can lock the cave door and throw away the key.” That is all I need.”

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