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Certified Yoga Teacher Training Programs For Inspired Yoga Aspirants

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh is a popular and prestigious school of Yoga located in an ancient spiritual city of Rishikesh recognized by Yoga Alliance USA as registered Yoga School (200-RYS | 300-RYS | 500-RYS) which is certified to conduct all three levels of Yoga Teacher Training programs to provide an opportunity to the inspired and motivated Yoga aspirants who have deep urge to understand traditional Yoga and share their wisdom with the world with an intention to spread physical health and mental well-being in the lives of people.

Intention of Yoga Teachings: (Yoga is not just complementary therapy)

Yoga has been considered to be a complementary healing procedure which can be used to cure and prevent many physical disorders and psychological disturbances like stress, insomnia, anxiety and trauma. One who has been doing Yoga practices does know the fact that Yoga has far more for offer than just increasing strength and flexibility to the body and creativity and tranquility to the mind. The primary objective of Yoga is to prepare body-mind to the highest goal of human life – self realization. Yoga postures can be applied in certain ways to cure ailments with the help of meditation and pranayama but this isn’t the intention of Yoga teachings. Yoga means ‘Union’ and it is discovered to help individuals to overcome the worldly suffering by dissolving personal identity i.e. EGO with the absolute truth which we may call by whatever names.

The Goal of Yoga Teacher Training:

Yoga Teacher Training is an ambitious and aspiring course for high intentioned individuals who have deep urge to learn Yogic sciences to deepen their personal Yoga practices as well as to share their quality experience with people drooping towards this ancient science of well-being. Yoga Teacher Training has been designed by highly qualified and renowned Yoga veterans who have compassion in their hearts for the sentient being suffering in the world of illusions with an intention to transform motivated Yoga aspirants into qualified Yoga teachers by providing opportunities for them to develop teachings aptitude and skills by undergoing certain level of rigorous Yoga procedures which have been encapsulated in Yoga Teacher Training courses.

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training:

Yoga Teacher Training cultivates effective teaching skills in inspired Yoga aspirants who have deep sense of love and respect for Yoga. There are certain well-coded teaching methodologies which impressively develop efficient teaching skills in the participants of Yoga Teacher Training to make them capable of managing class structure and create Yoga sequences according to the requirements of students and their specific health conditions. The participants are rewarded with certificate after successful completion of Yoga Teacher Training course which make them eligible to enroll themselves to become registered Yoga teachers and get the authority to organize Yoga classes anywhere around the world.

Yoga Teacher Training covers popular Yoga styles along with classification of Yoga postures and alignments, meditation and pranayama techniques, Bandha, Mudra and Kriyas as well as study of ancient scriptures are also included to learn about history and philosophy of Yoga, anatomy and physiology of human body-mind, application of Yoga postures in systematic sequence in Yoga therapy, Ayurveda treatments, etc.

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