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Every day we are dying what is left when you get all physical world...????

Everything else is sand, money is sand, power is sand, prestige is sand, and respectability is sand. And people make their houses on the sand. It is doomed from the very beginning .They are going to repent but the time that they have wasted is wasted, repentance cannot bring it back. So Be in this world but seems not to be in this lotus..

The wise are those who make their houses of life on the rock of love. Then it is not a simple house it becomes a temple because eternity is found in love because love is the face of God. Love is not of the earth, it is of the beyond. God comes to us in the form of love. That is his way of approaching us. He cannot come directly, even if he comes. We will not recognize him we have here known him. How can we recognize him?? If you suddenly meet god you will not recognize him& even if something in your heart says it is he doubt will persist. But love is one of the most mysterious phenomena. Half of it belongs to the earth and half of it belongs to sky. It is a bridge. A part of it belongs to this shore &other part belongs to the other shore. We may not be able to see the other shore at all but we can see the bridge& bridge is proof that the other shore must exist because the bridge cannot built only one shore... Love is bridge &becomes the proof of the other shore of God

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