Everything You Should Know About 200 Hour YTT

Everything You Should Know About 200 Hour YTT

Are you ready to transition from a yoga practitioner to a certified instructor? Becoming a yoga teacher requires a serious commitment of time and efforts. A majority of yoga practitioners choose to start with the basic 200 hour yoga teacher training course. However, there is much more you have to learn when it comes to becoming an RYT 200.

For starters, a 200 hour yoga teacher training program includes lessons on yoga asanas and body adjustments, yoga philosophy, meditation, and yoga anatomy. However, this is the first-level you have to clear before you become a certified yoga teacher. You might ask – Why enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program? Yoga experts have the answer.


Why Enroll In 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In India?

The 200-hour yoga teacher training program offers you in-depth knowledge of this sacred art. You learn how to practice various yoga poses with ease and according to what your body feels comfortable. Moreover, you also learn how your anatomy responds when practicing a specific yoga technique.

One advantage of the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India are lessons on yoga anatomy and physiology. You get to learn the benefits and precautions of every yoga asana, and combine it with your knowledge of anatomy and physiology. It is a vital aspect of the yoga teacher training.

Secondly, you learn the philosophical aspects of this sacred art by reading yoga literature like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. It helps you live in harmony with yourself and bring the necessary changes to live a life with more peace and less chaos.

Do you know the most important aspect of a yoga teacher training? It is the practice of Pranayama which brings you closer to the divine source of all life. The way you breath has a vast impact on your physical, spiritual, and mental health.

However, there are different types of yoga teacher training programs. Read further to know what these are.


1. Short Vs Long Term

The short term yoga teacher training program is intensive and once in a lifetime opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself in yoga practice. However, you have to set aside all the obligations for the duration of the course.

On the other hand, the long term yoga teacher training in India does not requires you to keep aside your daily life. It is the best yoga teacher training for those who want to learn this sacred art but cannot get away from obligations towards their family and work.


2. In-Person Vs Online

The in-person yoga teacher training requires you to attend a certified yoga school for the duration of the course. It is best suited if you need personal support and want to learn yoga away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The one thing you might have to worry about are the external costs of accommodation, travel, and perhaps in purchasing yoga books and literature.

With an online yoga teacher training program you need not worry about the cost of travel, accommodation and other expenses. However, with this you miss out the personal assistance of the yoga teacher.


3. Local Vs Overseas

Although a local course might be a bit cheaper, you would still miss out a lot, especially if you want to become a certified yoga teacher. You might feel safe in the environment as there is no risk of any cultural shock. However, this is one of the things you would also miss out on.

With an overseas yoga teacher training program, you have a chance to experience a new culture. This gives you the opportunity to learn yoga beyond its physical aspects. For example, enrolling in a yoga teacher training in India gives you the chance to learn authentic yoga.

The aspect of traveling alone to a new place also gives you time to assess your life's priorities and spend time with yourself.

To help you make the most of this training, yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-follow tips.


1. Do Not Choose Convenience

When you want to become an RYT 200, remember, choosing the easiest yoga teacher training will never work in your favor. Remember, yoga is comfortable but it is also about pushing past the limits of your body and mind.


2. Do In-Depth Research

Before you sign in for a yoga teacher training program, research in-depth about your chosen yoga school. Try finding out how many years the yoga school has been in business, and how many students have graduated from their program.

Moreover, when it comes to the fee, remember a high-quality yoga teacher training in India has a higher tuition fee as it provides you with in-depth yoga knowledge.


3. Don't Overlook Anatomy Classes

Anatomy plays a vital role when it comes to making you a certified yoga teacher. Remember, yoga anatomy is what helps you understand the functioning of different parts of your body. Do not choose a yoga teacher training program that is light on lessons in yoga anatomy.


4. Do Ask Questions

After selecting a particular yoga teacher training in India make sure you ask questions from the staff. These can be concerning the lead teacher's qualifications, the size of the yoga session, or the support given to fresh graduates.



Want to transition from a yoga practitioner to a professional? You should read this guide to get complete information on the best yoga teacher training in India. This will help you choose the right yoga teacher training program.

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