Have more sex to reduce weight

It is now official, Yoga apart from working wonders for your mind and soul, also enriches your sex life. Because Yoga series of unique Yoga posture stretches, sexual core stretches and many body enhancement position that will lead you to a new inner strength. By bending backward and forward, the maneuvers contract and expand the nerves to the pelvic girdle, which is sexual core.
Doctors all over the world are betting on sex and its innumerable benefits. Sex works better then the sleeping pills available in the market; you get deep and restful sleep after a good session in bed because a good session in bed burns about 200 calories. So doing sex three times a week, you will burn 600 calories. Sex improves mortality rates, improves bladder control, makes you calmer, improves your fitness level, improves digestion, improves cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure and gives positive attitude in life. To know more visit www.yogagurusuneelsingh.com pic Vijay Gautam Monty9078791460?profile=original

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