Healing from Within

Being sick with Flu this week has given me an opportunity to observe a lot of things going on within myself. Every time i close my eyes to rest or sleep, I see a blue planet calling to me, saying "Come.......Come....". Initially i resisted. Eventually I surrendered. A strange sense of peace descended on me when i let go and surrendered to the ministrations of the blue planet. I could feel the planet surround me like a big sea sponge and nurture and sustain me. My curiosity got the better of me and I explored further. Turns out it wasn't a planet but a huge ball or sponge of blue and it's a part of myself - the healing side of me.So often we ignore the healing potential within ourselves. The blue planet caught my imagination and attention and helped me remember that all I need is within myself. When I need to rest and heal, I need only look within myself for that Divine spark to clear me of my blues - pun fully intended :-)). What i perceive as a ball or sponge of blue is really just a ball of energy, rather like drinking an energy drink. Blue is the color I personally associate with any healing work I do, hence the bright blue to catch my attention. Once I surrendered to the bright, blue ball of energy, it was able to do its work!I'm not completely healed yet but I'm enjoying this little experience. My Journey of the week!Much Love and Light to All of You - Always remember to look inside yourself first for any healing!! :-))
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