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Radiation of Love - Subtle energy of Love. 
Divine Love.

When we speak about emotion of the love, everyone understands it in process of the experience of self feelings.

In the literature there are such examples, as the egoist love or love which receive as a gift, or the Divine love. Some people who have gone through clinical death, say about the meeting with the essence which radiates love and light. This energy of Love attracts us, so as a light attracts a butterflies.

How energy of love inf

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Healing from Within

Being sick with Flu this week has given me an opportunity to observe a lot of things going on within myself. Every time i close my eyes to rest or sleep, I see a blue planet calling to me, saying "Come.......Come....". Initially i resisted. Eventually I surrendered. A strange sense of peace descended on me when i let go and surrendered to the ministrations of the blue planet. I could feel the planet surround me like a big sea sponge and nurture and sustain me. My curiosity got the better of me a
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Located in your solar plexus region, the manipura chakra is the base of what is known in ayurveda as “digestive fire”. Digestion is the process by which your body changes matter into usable energy. When you do any kind of work or activity, that energy is burned again. The functioning of both your digestive system and your muscles are said to be controlled by the manipura chakra.
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