Here's Everything You Should Know About Being a Yoga Teacher

Whether you are a new yoga teacher or planning to become one, there is always something new to know about this sacred art. When you plan to become a yoga teacher, there is a lot you have to learn and practice. From understanding the Sanskrit language, yoga asana sequence, to building yourself as a brand, it might be a bit overwhelming for you. It is why you should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training course to learn all these skills.

With that said, there are a few things that you should know about becoming a yoga teacher. Yoga gurus have come up with complete information on how you can become the best yoga teacher.

3 Things You Should Know About Being a Yoga Teacher

Before you sign up for a yoga teacher training course, there are some things you should know about before joining one.

1. No Need to Be a Yoga Expert

You might have heard of yoga practitioners who completed their teacher training only to find they were afraid of teaching. Remember, everyone has certain limitations when it comes to their body and mind. Some are a bit more flexible while others possess strength but no flexibility.

With that said, every yoga teacher faces difficulty at some point in their career. If you are not able to perform a particular yoga asana, do not be hard on yourself. You must possess in-depth knowledge of body alignment for different asanas, and how a student can do it without hurting themselves.

2. Trust & Credibility are Important

Even if you have completed the yoga teacher training course, you should know, a student would never come to your class unless they trust you. Even if you have complete knowledge of yoga, the students would still pay attention to the way you carry yourself.

Yoga experts recommend you should complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training course to get the basics of yoga. This gives you the confidence to teach this sacred art to others. Remember, confidence is important but so are the qualifications and your capability to teach yoga. In short, you win the trust of your students before even starting a yoga session.

3. It Can Be a Full-Time Career

A common misconception prevalent even among those who want to teach yoga is you need to have a real job apart from teaching yoga. Becoming a yoga teacher is a satisfying career option. You don't have to answer anyone, you are your own boss. Moreover, there is no dearth of how much you can earn after becoming a certified yoga teacher.

So, you have decided to take on this path and become a certified yoga professional? Congratulations! Yoga experts have come up with a few simple tips to help you become the top yoga teacher.

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Tips To Become a Yoga Teacher

At times, you might feel a bit disconnected from yoga on a mental and physical level. Follow these tips to maintain that connection with this spiritual art and grow your career in yoga.

1. Remain Grounded & Open

There is nothing like the perfect yoga pose. Also, there is nothing worse than a yoga teacher who is more into showing off their skills rather than teach them to others. The best yoga teachers are those who are ready to serve and be in the present moment.

You have to develop compassion towards your students, whether they are experienced or complete beginners. Leave your ego outside the class and adopt a helpful attitude towards those coming to learn yoga from you.

2. Form Real Connections

One thing you do not learn in a yoga teacher training course is how to form a genuine connection with your students. Remember, how you connect with the disciples, both off and on the yoga mat means a lot in the long run.

The students can find a knowledgeable yoga teacher but they cannot find one who carries a positive attitude towards their students. For example, if someone is finding it hard to do a yoga asana, support them.

3. Focus on Self-Practice

Once you are done with yoga teaching for some time, take out some time for self-practice. It helps you improve as a yoga teacher and help students do yoga without any hassle.


Do you want to share and spread the knowledge of yoga with others? Enroll in a certified yoga teacher training course to learn everything about this ancient art from the best.

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