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How can a married man practice Brahmacharya? Is it possible especially when the couple are young?

To live and enjoy Grihastha life, with one’s own wife during the Ritu period subject to
the imposed restrictions of the Sastras is itself Brahmacharya. Sastras say that the married man
should not indulge in sense-satisfaction as and when his senses prompt him to do so. He should
subject himself to the various restrictions imposed even on the enjoyment of sense life. For
details in this respect, study my book, “Advice to Women”. One who observes these Sastraic
injunctions and leads a happy, well-regulated life is a perfect Brahmachari, though technically a
Grihastha. Whatever be the natural ebullient impulses of the couple, and however young they be,
it is quite possible to observe Brahmacharya on the above lines. Brahmacharya for a Grihastha
does not mean absolute abstention from enjoying the conjugal life; but means a well-disciplined,
self-restrained, Dharmic life.

From "May I answer that" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on Swami Sivananda: on the Website of Divine Life Society, Photographs of Swami Sivananda, German Pages on Swami Sivananda

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