How Divine Energy Healing helps ?

Sanjivini Kriya Shakti

We, individuals, are divine sparks of the bigger universal divine source, called SOURCE BRAHMAN, all that is, tao e.t.c. in the game of creation, sometimes we know as God’s sport or LILA, we individuals got separated from the source and came to planet earth.

Divine Healing in Rishikesh

Here we started living developing our own Ego, Karma, Emotions e.t.c. While living here for long we also developed many abnormalities, anomalies, diseases of physical-mental-emotional nature. Divine Healing harmonizes everything. Divine Healing creates balance, so it’s important that everyone should know some methods of healing.

Reiki Healing

The word Reiki is the unification of two words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ meaning spiritually influenced life force energy. Reiki can be simply defined as an advanced and highly superior technique that influences the construction and networking of the universe. Reiki helps in balancing somatic, emotional, psychological, spiritual imbalances that are otherwise responsible for sufferings, turmoil and also account for problematic situations in one’s life.

Reiki in Rishikesh

Distance Healing

Distance Healing is an effectual and helpful, spiritual, psychological, pranic system of channeling energies to an individual /situation /circumstance /who/which is not physically present before us. Distance healing presents the inimitable and exclusive divine favors of guiding positive ways of life to others.

Distance Healing in Rishikesh

Distance healing surpasses the boundaries of terrestrial conditions and can be sent to any place, person and situation. Reiki distance healing is one of the main methods of healing in which special symbol for distance healing is used.

Yogi Ji has devised simple but very effective healing modalities to connect to our very source, get harmonized and attain the status of blissful being. Divine Energy Healing is a sure and holistic method of complete Healing and blissful living. Yogi Buddhadeva is also Reiki Grand Master, Kriya Yogi, Kundalini Yogi, Divine Mantras Master Healer.

He has developed Divine Energy Healing methods from Vedic, Tantric, Yogic source and also from direct revelations that happened during deep samadhi meditative states. With the grace of Divine Energy Healing, he has successfully and miraculously healed thousands of people suffering from various psychosomatic ailments like stress, depression, phobias, cancer, and many other diseases. As a Divine Energy Healer, he is best known for his simplicity, wisdom and pragmatic ways of Divine Energy Healing


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