How to Develop Self-Compassion While Practicing Yoga

People these days hate themselves more than they hate each other. Reason? Well, unfavorable conditions and circumstances made them believe that only they are at fault. So, the reaction is that you end up hating and having negative opinions about yourself. What to do then to stop all this? All you need to do is develop self-compassion.

Let’s first understand what is self-compassion. Then, you’ll read about how to develop self-compassion while practicing yoga. Roll further without any delay.

What is Self-compassion?

The sole purpose of having a deep sense of understanding and acceptance towards yourself is known as self-compassion. You become loving and kind towards yourself and stop judging or criticizing your actions. Further, practicing self-compassion means you are ready to accept your imperfections.

Every situation seems like an opportunity for you to learn and grow from your actions. You learn to convert your mistakes into steps towards gaining wisdom. Self-compassion also talks about complaining the least and looking for the best in every circumstance.

With that said, let’s understand how to develop self-compassion while practicing yoga. Read on.

Tips to Develop Self-compassion in Yoga Practice

Think Yourself as a Beloved Friend

Self-judgment can hamper your growth. While practicing yoga, some complex yoga poses might be challenging. In that case, you don’t have to be impatient. Rather, trust yourself that you are adequate enough to go through this.

Befriend yourself so that you can work towards self-growth. Rather than nagging, learn to accept your shortcoming. Remember, the first step of growth is accepting your mistake and walking towards improving yourself. Develop self-compassion by bringing kindness to your heart.

Connect With Your Breath

Do you feel out of place sometimes? If yes, try to connect with your breath. Focus on the length and depth of your breath. To develop self-compassion, focus on your breath while practicing various yoga for stress relief. Whenever it feels like you are not able to focus, just bring your attention to your breath. It will instantly pull you out of your current mental state.

Further, having long, deep, and harmonious breathing gives birth to love, kindness, and compassion. So, consciously shift your breathing whenever you feel out of place. Sometimes, things going on in your head can lead to negative thinking or stress. Breathing deep and slow ensures you have more energy to fulfill your body with positive energy.

Experiment With Closed Eyes

As the saying goes: All the beautiful things in life can be felt but not seen. Similarly, fixing your gaze might not always help you feel good. If that is the case, you should practice yoga with your eyes closed. That’s gonna be a little challenging. However, it will be a lot helpful in developing self-compassion.

You don’t have to focus on the physical appearance of any yoga pose. Rather, your sole purpose is to know how practicing a particular yoga pose makes you feel. If it helps you stay strong and compassionate, that is a perfect yoga pose for you. Close your eyes and turn your focus inward. Hence, you become aware of the moment rather than mindlessly focusing outside.

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Treat Yourself With Compassion

Whenever you feel stuck while practicing any yoga pose, it becomes difficult to get out of it. It might lead to self-judgment or looking down on oneself. That is where you should practice self-compassion. Accept whatever you are feeling and move towards expressing love and compassion towards yourself.

Offering a hand out to oneself helps raise your awareness. You become conscious and remain mindful to not speak negatively about yourself. Treating yourself with compassion gives you an insight into how your mind behaves under different situations.


Practicing yoga offers more than physical and mental benefits. From ensuring you remain in the right mindset, it helps you see beyond your boundaries. In case you find it hard to practice yoga, you should enroll in a registered yoga school. For that matter, make sure you join a certified Yoga Alliance course.

Learning and practicing basic yoga exercises with laser focus helps you develop self-compassion. It helps you feel good and expands your consciousness. Moreover, practicing compassion gives birth to abundance, love, kindness, gratitude, and much more. Thus, you live a happy and compassionate life.

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