How you Surrender

The word devotion, surrender sounds very nice but did you ever think that the surrender or devotion shown to the almighty are completely pure and to whom you offer your worship, sing hymn or bhajan are coming from your within and it is not for show off.

The mantra you have been chanting for a long time but have you ever felt that mantra actually works and it is worthwhile. Did it make any difference in your life? If is not like that then you must think that there is some thing such which either the functions you are opting is not correct or may be lacking your complete devotion and there could be your past karmas also coming as an obstacle on your way of sadhana.

Give a mind that surrender or devotion does not stand for joining palms, neither has it meant singing bhajan etc. but I do not mean here that one should not sing bhajan or kirtan as it is also a part of our daily life. Surrender means only to obey the order without any further question and do the provided job as per instruction. If you are told to bring a cup of tea then you will have bring it according to the advised parameter. Equally, if you are advised to go for sadhana where any thing can take place even then if you go for it without asking any question and follow the instructions with full of belief then it is a surrender or devotion.

It also stands for a True Love because devotion, surrender comes only after when you are in love.

You will have to prepare first and after much preparation you should go for any Sadhana, It could be any sadhana may be Goddess or God and so on. If you are able to carry only a 10 kg load then you will have to go for a preparation for a 15 kg load then only chances could be for good success. Likewise, to play football there must be a playground and other necessary arrangement with umpire so that players (team) can perform their ability and win the game.

Therefore, if you want to have divine powers or self-spiritual powers of knowledge then you will have to go for a Dickcha Sanskar and surrender your SELF and follow the instructions given by your Sadgurudev then definitely you will get success. No doubt.

Kriyananda Maharshi |Dayananda.
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