sadhana (2)

How you Surrender

The word devotion, surrender sounds very nice but did you ever think that the surrender or devotion shown to the almighty are completely pure and to whom you offer your worship, sing hymn or bhajan are coming from your within and it is not for show off.

The mantra you have been chanting for a long time but have you ever felt that mantra actually works and it is worthwhile. Did it make any difference in your life? If is not like that then you must think that there is some thing such which either t
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mantra diet

THE Mantra Diet:True Wealth and HealthLoose Karmic weightFeasting on EnlightenedSOUND!AS THE FIRE OF DIGESTIONBURNS UP FOODINTO ENERGY,THE MIND DIGESTSThe etherial SoundsFROM THE WORDSTHAT WE cast & SPELL.Mantras are sacred SOUND VIBRATIONSand yes all Words are also INFUSEDWith CONDENSE into our Thoughts andMANIFEST OUR perception ofall Planes of Awareness.THIS ISTHE INTERNAL SECRETBEHIND/WithinnTHE SCIENCEOF MANTRA YOGA.Now in the foundation of Truth,Our Reel Hellth Cry-I-Sisis
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