mantra diet

THE Mantra Diet:True Wealth and HealthLoose Karmic weightFeasting on EnlightenedSOUND!AS THE FIRE OF DIGESTIONBURNS UP FOODINTO ENERGY,THE MIND DIGESTSThe etherial SoundsFROM THE WORDSTHAT WE cast & SPELL.Mantras are sacred SOUND VIBRATIONSand yes all Words are also INFUSEDWith CONDENSE into our Thoughts andMANIFEST OUR perception ofall Planes of Awareness.THIS ISTHE INTERNAL SECRETBEHIND/WithinnTHE SCIENCEOF MANTRA YOGA.Now in the foundation of Truth,Our Reel Hellth Cry-I-Sisis this...THE DIET OF"Fear-COOKedSOUND viBRATIONs"Contain poisons accumulate and over time & keeps the SOULa captive slave of the mind and senses!Impure SOUNDS....WHICH ARE LOCKEDINTO THE MATERIALISTICCONCEPTION OF REALITY Feed one Toxic-Lies &KEEP ONE IN a DISEASED STATE ofKARMIC DEBT.EGO-Comical-Eco-NomicalGlobal Meltdown!!!And By Yoga,We CLEAR THE KARMIC POLLUTIONthe toxic Lair which CoatsTHE PURE BRILLIANCE OF THE SOUL.In Samhadhi we can awaken to feel!A LOVE BEYOND ALLMUNDANE KNOWLEDGE!OUR INTENTIONSin Pure Love and ServiceARE AkinTO the ENZYMESWHICH ASSIST THE SOUNDS' IN THEIR ASSIMILATIONin the building of OUR DIVINE BODYmade of Condensed Spiritual Emotion!THE 100% RAW SOUND DIETIS A YOGIC PRACTICEWHICH REQUIRES Controlof the tongue and order to achieve Lasting Bliss and peace of mind.However just remember,There is no loss of dominion in your journey..the SCIENCE OF BHAKTI YOGAIS One of the Great Goddess of Grace...She is VERY FORGIVING AND MERCIFUL -if we are sincere!IN THIS PRACTICE,WE OFFER: Every Breath,Every SOUND..ALL OBJECTS OF THIS WORLD by WHICH WE CONSUME...Back TO THE SOURCE OFTHEIR ORIGIN...As WE PARTAKE knowing each Actionis an offeringupon this World of Durgas' Prision..TO beUnited unto the the Supreme !THIS IS A PRACTICETO MAINTAIN GRATITUDE and Blessings!All in One one in all....THE PRACTICE OF MANTRA MEDITATION CAN BE DONE EITHER ALONE in internal meditation or-OR AS "KIRTAN-IN GROUP CELEBRATION!IT IS A Mystic YOGIC SCIENCEwhich has been proved to haveHEIGHTENED BENEFITSWhen ONE SHARES THIS Cosmic LOVE..WE CelebrateSouls shine..THROUGH ALL SERVICESEmbrace the path of reflection-as it takes the EFFORT TO CLEANSE ones'SELF OF THE"MENTAL MUCUS LINING"Of Unfriendly "Cult-ured Belief Systems", Bred withToxic Heavy Medal density...For full rejuvenation of this Friendly Culture,it is recommended to See a doctor of Divinity who can sharein The art of HEARING ENLIGHTENED SOUND...THE TRANSMISSIONSOF the Clear Yogis and SAGESall Mystics in Reception to the Truth.and the Fearless One WHO isFREE from BIRTH AND DeathIN LOVEin a TRANCE ofPURE CONSCIOUSNESS...IN MEDIATIONWIthHIS or HEREcstatic CONNECTIONTO THE SUPREMEGOD GODDESSRevelationinto BLISS!EVERY MOVE BECOMES A DANCEAND EVERY WORD A SONG!A MANTRA FROM A SADHU HAS THE POWERto IMPLANT this"FRIENDLY CULTURE"OF PURE LOVE AND DEVOTIONIF ONE CAN MAINTAIN A DIET OF"LIVING SOUND" fromMANTRIC MEDITATION as well asAND EXERCISing The limbs ofDEVOTIONAL SERVICE,THIS FRIENDLY CULTUREcan then PROLIFERATETO AN ENLIGHTENED "LIVING TRANCE"FROM HERe THROUGH ETERNITY!PURE SOUND; SATURATED WITH LOVING INTENTIONS,eventually FREES THE SOULFROM THE DISEASE OF EGOIC MISERIES!HOWEVER, to benifit all beingsDivine Sound CLEANSES THE ETHERIC PLANESOF POLLUTIONFROM ALL THE MUNDANE SOUNDSin the Mental & Physical ASTRAL planes..BLACK MAGIC and Fear-Stained BLood-RITUALS!Sacred sounds createsA GLOBAL "EGO COOLING" EFFECT!THis CAN REVERSE EFFECTS OFTHE CURRENT Financial-CRISt-IS!This Remove ALL SICKNESS OFRELIGIOUS Misconceptions which abort the Souls childand Crusade Whars with Jhih-addictiveBio-Mental TERROR-iSM!ALL CAN TAKE PART IN THIS DIET OF DIVINE SOUND,BUT PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE DANGERSOF CLEANSING REACTIONS!There can be DIFFICULTIES from FRIENDS AND FAMILYOBBESE ON A Standard American/Western DIE-iTOF MUNDANE SOUND Stimulation!YOU ALSO MAY ENCOUNTER RESISTANCEDUE TO THE Intellectual PARASITESof The Collective Athiestic beliefs that nest INTHE EGOS' LAIR Of PARADIGMS!KILL the PARASITES OFFWITH DEEP BREATHING and MEDITATionRemember...THE PURE LOVE & BEAUTYOF THEDIVINE GOD/GODDESS!Sri Radha Krishna..Yugala Kishora...-A Reality that EXISTS IN A PLANEFar beyond all Conditioned MENTAL CONCEPTIONS...A plane where only PURE LOVE Remains...MAINTAIN AN OPEN MIND!EXPERIENCE the resonance of Sound HEALTH..This is OUR TRUE NATURE.OM ShantiNAMASTE'LIVING BLESSINGS!Hare KrishnaMadhavAnanDaS
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