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ARE you enlightened SPIRITUALLY

ARE you enlightened SPIRITUALLY

Dear Spiritual Seeker


It is as I felt that we have been exchanging spiritual divine knowledge to each other which is itself a nice way to share the knowledge no matter whether they are received from holistic books or self experiences. My thought in this regard is whichever way for self-realization that must work and its influences as divine knowledge should be seen in the practitioner if we talk about MEDITATION, ASANAS, and MANTRA SADHANA etc.

If the one is

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This is a wonderful practice combining mudras and mantras that I plan to teach at the "Spiritual Retreat" that I will be leading in Bad Meinberg 1-6 August

Sit in any meditative position and close your eyes.

“Aaa” chanting

· Inhale slowly and completely fill your lungs.

· Adopt Chin mudra while exhaling, chant "Aah” .

· Feel the sound resonance in the abdomen and the lower parts of your body.

· Repeat nine times.

“Ou” chanting

· Inhale slowly and completely fill your lungs.

· Adopt Chinmaya mudr

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mantra diet

THE Mantra Diet:True Wealth and HealthLoose Karmic weightFeasting on EnlightenedSOUND!AS THE FIRE OF DIGESTIONBURNS UP FOODINTO ENERGY,THE MIND DIGESTSThe etherial SoundsFROM THE WORDSTHAT WE cast & SPELL.Mantras are sacred SOUND VIBRATIONSand yes all Words are also INFUSEDWith CONDENSE into our Thoughts andMANIFEST OUR perception ofall Planes of Awareness.THIS ISTHE INTERNAL SECRETBEHIND/WithinnTHE SCIENCEOF MANTRA YOGA.Now in the foundation of Truth,Our Reel Hellth Cry-I-Sisis
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