I was so wrong

I was so wrong…

I was so wrong by ” Aatmanum”

I was sinking in the deep, turbulent currents, looking desperately for a way out and you came bearing a torch. You showed me the direction to the calm waters, or so I thought…but I was so wrong.

You took me amidst the vast ocean and urged me to follow you as you were leading towards the deepest parts of this huge ocean (of knowledge). Without understanding which destination I wanted to reach, what I was looking for in the ocean, you keep adjusting my sails as per your destination.

You pushed me into an altogether new storm

I was so frustrated, so angry on you, I, somehow, started loathing you for misguiding me; for exploiting my naivety, as you always knew; I was the amateur, on my very first voyage.

You pushed me into an altogether new storm, or so I thought…but I was so wrong.

Because, this time, it was the dusk whose dawn was very near, atleast for me!!

There, battling the raging storm, I saw, a tiny ray of hope, or so I thought…but I was so wrong.

For this was not just the tiny ray, it was the Lightship!

Struggling with the turbulent waves, I approached the Lightship and hold onto it, for my dear life.

As soon as I came near the lightship, the storm settled, I found my direction; I was saved. The Lightship instilled in me a kind of warning light (knowledge) that I started illuminating myself.

I began to understand the storms you have been captivated in. The uncertainties of your voyage you have been dealing with for so long.

The lightship tried so hard and send you warning signal over and over again, which you paid no heed to.

Oh!! I was so wrong.

And now, I see you battling amidst the hurricanes while I am sailing in my direction.

But I cannot help you!

And you know, now you don’t anger me anymore. Instead I sympathize with you; I pray for you; I wish you reach your shore, before the storms engulf you, My Fellow Sailor!

This time, I hope I am NOT so wrong!!!

In this beautiful journey called LIFE

In this beautiful journey called LIFE, we come across many people at all turns and bends. Some of them are just the passerby, some walk along for a mile and take their own routes than on. But there are few who give us hope and a hand to hold onto and guide us, only to realize later, that they themselves are treading on the wrong path.

o, what should we really do then?

So, what should we really do then? Surely, we can make them realize that while walking on the path, they may reach a dead end. But eventually, its us who have to realize that they are on their own journey. All we can do is keep a compassionate heart and with purest of intentions wish them luck and success, for if their soul allows, they may find their right way to the Ultimate Destination of Salvation


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