N YOGA ALSO CARELESSNESS LEADS TO AN ACCIDENTWhile discussing about yoga the names of swamis and Gurus occupy the mind. Yoga and the yogis are the integral part of Indian culture. While the whole India is following the yoga and the whole world has been influenced by it, we cannot ignore the importance of medical science, because in order to maintain balance between Man and the nature the medical science has been carrying out researches on various subjects .The inclusion of Yoga in the yoga education was not due to our being physical believer, because our yoga teachers knew it better than us that the human body is mortal. Human body is made of earthly objects and one day or the other it has got to be destroyed.. Being a practitioner of yoga I know that the perfection is achieved through continuous practicing of it. I am not yet so much perfect that I can claim to be a yoga specialist. It is well known fact that yoga education is gained through long and continuous practice. As a simple practitioner of Yoga, I would like to caution about few ill affects of the Yoga if not done properly and educate people on it..It should be well understood that in Ashtang Yoga. Asana and Pranayama are the only two wings. They have their own importance. But these are not the replacements of Yoga. These are the steps to prove yoga and its relation is to awake the body strength. Today the various yoga gurus have piled up the camps of yoga and have taken so called responsibility to cure the people, but have not alerted the people from its implications. Even carelessness in Yoga leads to accidents.Our country has given many gurus to the society, out of them I would like to explain about Swami Dhirendra Brahamchari Ji. Swami Dhirendra Brahamchari treated yoga as science and through out his life he treated himself as a yoga practitioner and not a yoga expert. He used to say that Dharma is protected by Yoga, without yoga, knowledge is impossible and without knowledge attaining moksha (salvation) is impossible. During his life-time his followers followed him and they spread his teaching to the people all over the world.Carelessness in Yoga exercises will surely lead to the damages. For example if a person is suffering from heart ailment, high Blood Pressure, Gastric, Hernia and strokes etc. They should not practice kapal bhati pranayama and if he and she continues to do it the ailment can increase and even can cause death to the person. Similarly Sheetali pranayama and Sheetkari Pranayam is prohibited for the patients of Low Blood Pressure, Asthma and heart patient, pregnant ladies and patients of Hernia and Ulcer. They should not practice Bhujang Asana, Ushtrasana and Matsya Asana.We should understand it fully well that yoga is not the replacement of our life but is a part of it, as we can never ignore the existence of medical science. Because the medical science has the remedies for disease like Cancer, HIV positive, AIDS, Parkinson’s, etc. And researches are going on to find out the remedies for the other complicated ailments. Now therefore the time has come that we proceed ahead keeping in mind the importance of medical science and the care to be taken while practicing yoga. Yoga is a continuous process and should be practiced under the supervision of an expert in day to day life. Because it can only be learned and perfected by daily practice. Through this write-up my aim is only to caution the people that carelessness in practicing yoga will surely lead to an accident. To know more log on www.yogagurusuneelsingh.com
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