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Inner peace is inner power. But before you start walking the path of relaxation and meditation to create a life, which is free from anger, and based on peaceful living, it is important to clear some misunderstandings we hold in our mind about mental peace.

1. Peace means nothing is happening; it’s a state of inaction.
By practicing meditation for a few minutes everyday, very soon you can experience a stage in which you are physically active yet mentally peaceful, when the mind is active but nothing negative happens inside it. Nothing and no one can irritate or upset you, irrespective of what they say or do.

2. Living a peaceful life is being submissive (bowing down) or defensive.
Inner peace is not submissiveness or defensiveness. The power of peace that you acquire through the practice of meditation makes you assertive and confident. Emotions like anger and fear show in our behaviour in the form of aggression and defensiveness respectively and make you emotionally weak. Peace is strength.

3. To remain in an inner peace experience, you have to disconnect yourself from the world.
For a long time you have used the world to stimulate (energize) yourself mentally and emotionally. If at the beginning of your meditation practice, you suddenly disconnect yourself from the world you will experience an increase in your attractions towards it. Thus, initially it is wiser to include only short spells of meditation in your daily routine, otherwise the meditation practice can do more harm than benefit.

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