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Yoga is a great way to start your day which helps in reducing hectic stress and tension from your body. It helps in making your body physical strong from inside. It also helps you in getting the better result in weight loss and improves the brain concentration power. It is a natural treatment for reducing anxiety and depression from the body. By doing yoga at home it will help you in decreasing tension from your mind and keep you calm from your hectic schedule. Learning yoga is a huge task, but taking classes at Yoga Teacher Training in India will be a great step for you to learn the deep aspects of yoga. By this you will easily learn the deep aspects of yoga and it also helps you in getting rid from the stress.

If you start the yoga practice at home, then it will be good for your entire health. It is a great workout routine which you can do at home after learning yoga poses from the certified yoga master. Once you take the classes of yoga, then you will learn yoga poses and Ayurveda aspects which is good for your yoga knowledge and health.

Top Yoga Poses to Practice

Mountain Pose
Once you begin the practice of yoga, then add mountain pose in your practice. It is a king of all standing yoga poses and improves the posture of your body. With the practice of mountain pose in your daily routine, it will be good for your health and good for reducing the weight from the body.

Downward Facing Dog
With the practice of this yoga pose it helps you in reducing tension and stress from body. It also helps in improving the blood flow in the body which led to removing the unwanted thoughts from the mind. Once you start the practice of yoga, then it will be good for your health and this yoga pose also increase the blood circulation in body.

Child Pose
The 15 minutes of yoga practice at home will be good for your entire health. Once you take classes at200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, then it will be great way to know yoga poses. The child pose is best yoga pose which you can practice at home and get effective result in calming your brain.

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