Know Thyself

This Atman is eternal, immovable, secondless, self-existent, self-centred. Therefore, knowing this to be such, thou shouldst not grieve, when your father, mother, son, wife or relative dies.

By Swami Sivananda, from the Book Amrita Gita. Swami Sivananda lived from 1887-1963. He was one of the great Yoga Masters of the 20th Century who made Yoga available to a great public. Copyright of the texts of Swami Sivananda The Divine Life Society Rishikesh

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  • It is your perception and feeling my dear Bothi,

    Keep continue going on your sadhana path. Please do not get disheartened keep faith on your Guru, God, yourself and your sadhana. There could be delay but there is light of knowledge ahead so try to get that light.

    With love.
    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Dear Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda,

    What we've got here is a failure to communicate...So we better, not to continue.

    Kindest regards,

  • We all know it my dear Bothi and all are saying this and that happens. I am asking you because i want to know what you have received if you are telling this to the mass. Let reveal them. give us a proof of that my dear. If you ask me I am ready.

    You say that he/she may receive many things but I say it with confidently that if one has attained the state of Yoga/Meditation receive the spiritual knowledge and powers NO DOUBT.

    With love my child God bless you.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Dear Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda,

    No self means freedom. If one is in the confinement, he, she may receive manythings. If you reach no self, you need nothing at all...

    Kindest regards,

    Om mani padme Hum
  • Dear Mr. Bothi,

    I see you are back to your own question "To state any uttarance is very easy, But showing its truth is very hard."

    Now you tell me what you have received till date.

    God Bless you my dear.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Dear Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda,

    Thanks for your kind reply, my reply this time is as follows;

    Different Ways To Hidden Self
    Have you ever felt the confinement within the flesh-cage?
    This feeling, when sensed in a profound awareness, makes
    one restless in an extraordinary way. That is, you are in a
    prison of I-ness.Every morning you get up in this prison
    and then at night you go to sleep again in this prison.In
    fact the other way around was also possible;you could have
    spent a day being some body else.But this never happens.The
    consciousness of I-ness always shines as being yourselve.

    If you have sensed this feeling,it means you are longing
    for freedom.Here freedom indicates the way out of
    consciousness.In other words,freedom is togetherness with
    everything.From now on,the walls of personal consciousness
    are broken down and the consciousness is not a personal,but
    it becomes a universal one.

    Now this universal consciousness gives the possibility of
    knowing, to that person about his/her real identity.Now you
    are me,I am you.There is only one I-ness,that is HIDDEN-
    SELF.Hidden-Self covers everything.

    There are many names of the awareness of Hidden-
    ,etc.So this means that there are many ways,many different
    ways carrying us to the HIDDEN SELF.

    Kindest regards,

    Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Namaste, dear Bothi,

    How are you? I hope everything is well going. It is nice and loves to receive your reply per return.

    Yes, dear Bothi I raised question on your yoga style to make you think on that how you are going and get corrected yourself if you are a true seeker for spiritual knowledge and power. That is why I said my words could be straightforward and as far as my reply is concerned, you have received that already.

    I know why you took my words in a negative and why you plea for a compassion because I try to hit your SELF. Your words did not affect on state nor I mind on that too but my words will definitely help you out for self-realization.

    I look for your comment again.

    With love my dear Bothi, may Buddha bless you soon

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Dear Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda,

    I wish to thank for your endevour. Your reply rather than showing me the truth, it has become a sort of accusation
    on my yoga teaching. If you do not know the answer of my question, you are not supposed to reply on other ways. All we need is compassion not accusations...

  • Dear Bothi,


    I agree on your first word yet to answer your second line whereby you want to see the truth on the quote of Sri Shivananda Jee for that I would like to advice you as here under.

    1. To know Atman (Soul) or self-realization it is difficult but not impossible and there are many ways to know about self. You will be able to know when you are pure totally, with complete devotion, strong willpower. Self realization mean the power of spiritual/divine knowledge through that you can attain the totality in life.
    2. It needs true LOVE.
    3. Can you die for it? I mean, can you behead of being SELF. Can you bow down yourself? Can you give up your selfishness? Can you be honest completely? If you can, then chances are there to know your own Atman and then you will be able to know other being too.
    4. Other ways are true Guru Sewa (serving hand) and Sadhana. Can you do that?

    Why any one needs to show you truth, if you want to have proof you can do yourself as it is already proven and has extended to the mass to be benefited of it.

    It is very simple, take an example. Suppose you do not know driving a car but this does not mean that other cannot drive or would have not been driven a car. So unless you try to drive how you can experience about a car driving.

    Thus my dear Bothi, Spiritual Life is similar and as FACT as your material life it is only a matter of seen and unseen. So rather to ask for truth you should go for self-realization according to the above said guidelines.

    If you do not know your atman so how you could declare as a yoga teacher yourself? Can you explain yourself that what kind of yoga teacher you are? What yoga you teach your students? You should have not asked such question if you are a yoga teacher in actual way and this reveals that you are not a yoga teacher.

    For your information, I am not follower of Shivananda but can show you how to attain with self-Atma. Come to me in Nepal or you can talk to me over phone on 00977 9808851529.

    So my dear Bothi, try to generate love within, gradually you will be experiencing the truth of Divine, Brahma or GOD. I am sorry; my words could be straightforward.

    Wish you all the best for a kind blessing from GOD soon.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • How you know that ATMAN eternal,immovable,secondless, self existent, self centered?How one will be able to know these?

    To state any uttarance is very easy, But showing its truth is very hard. So please kindly the followers of this guru, of Swami Sivananda show me the correctnes of these statement.
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