A powerful system of higher yogic and meditative kriyas best suited for modern times which promises

 Perfect health      Peace of mind     Blissful living   

The Kriya Yoga , Kundalini Yoga and other branches of yoga are independently recognized and taught all over the world .Yogi Buddhadeva , the propounder and expounder of Sri Yogasth Vidya—the Supreme science of yoga and the ultimate key to bring out the infinite and unfold the powerful being within you . He brings to the people of this age the science of Kriya Kundalini Yoga which is the main pillar of Sri Yogasth Vidya also known as Dev Kriyas . He has formulated many meditative and yogic kriyas & made them simple enough for people to assimilate in their lives . Yogi Buddhadeva is known as Kriya Creator Yogi and is an encyclopedia of spirituality in Himself . By amalgamating the scientific , meditative practices from various spiritual realms like Veda ,Upnishads , Tantra , Kriya-yoga , Kundalini Yoga , Raja Yoga etc. & the direct revelation to him in his deep meditative states , THE SCIENCE OF KRIYA KUNDALINI YOGA IS PRESENTED FOR THE PEOPLE LIVING IN PRESENT CHALLENGING TIME. Now the Teacher Training Course in Kriya Kundalini Yoga is brought to aspiring students to become the authentic teacher in this very science and spread the knowledge and wisdom to the world . This course is divided into 3-5 levels for the effective evolution of the students . He keeps updating and modifying the practices for highest benefit of mankind of this era .


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