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Lesson Of Life

Get up at 4 a.m. daily. Practise to sing God’s name in the early morning hours in the form of
Nama Kirtan (like, Govinda Jaya Jaya, Gopala Jaya Jaya, Radha Ramana Hari Govinda Jaya
Jaya). When you sing Hari’s Name, feel that the Lord Hari is seated in your heart and is hearing all
your songs.
Study systematically Gita, Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalita
Sahasranama from half an hour to one hour daily. Obey your parents. Speak the truth at any cost.
Speak little. Speak sweet.
May the Divin
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Feel Oneness With All

Serve any Society, Ashram, Mutt, or religious institution for 2 hours daily in any way you
like with Nishkama Bhava. This will purify your heart. Remember that God is the foundation of the
Society. Remember that the whole world is the manifestation of the Lord (Virat Rupa). Earth is
Hari. Milk is Hari. Tree is Hari. If you serve with Narayana or Atma Bhava, you will have a changed
angle of vision. You will have heaven on earth.
Keep the mind fully occupied. Get rid of all mental weaknesses. Do not a

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Light On Life

Lust for power, material greed, sensual excitement, selfishness, passion, passion for wealth
and the lower appetites have drawn man from his true life in Spirit into the materialistic life. He can
regain his lost Divine glory if he practises in right earnest the principles of Bhakti. Bhakti
transmutes animal nature into Divine Nature and raises him to the pinnacle of Divine glory and
May you develop Bhakti so that it will lead you to attain Godhead or Self-Realisation in this
very life! Ma

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The Light Is Within You

Be righteous always. Never deviate from the path of righteousness. Stand upright. Be bold.
Be fearless. Practise Truth. Proclaim it everywhere.
March forward in the spiritual path. The light is within you. Fix the mind on the Lord. Kill
egoism and pride. Cultivate fellow-feeling and universal brotherhood. Love all. You will have full
Control the senses. Pray fervently with intense faith and sincerity. Have an unshakable
conviction in the existence of God and in the efficacy of spiritual practic

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Speak Measured Words

Control the mind skilfully and tactfully. Think rightly and clearly. Discipline the organ of
speech. Speak sweetly, gently, and truthfully. Become a man of measured words.
Be humble and do prostrations to all beings mentally. Feel the Divine Presence everywhere.
Give up vanity, pride and hypocrisy. Never hurt a man in thought, word and deed. Always do good
and kind acts. You will attain Supreme Peace and eternal happiness.
Attune your heart with the Lord by doing fervent and sincere prayer daily. Be
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Do You Really Want God?

Do you really want God? Do you really thirst for His Darshan? Have you got real spiritual
He who thirsts for the Darshan of God only will develop love. Unto him alone He will reveal
Himself. God is a question of supply and demand. If there is sincere demand for God, the supply
will come at once.
Pray fervently like Prahlada. Sing like Radha. Repeat His name like Valmiki, Tukaram and
Tulsidas. Do Kirtan like Gouranga. Weep in solitude like Mira over the separation from the Lord.
You will have D

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Name Is Verily Omnipotent

Name of the Lord is a potent unfailing antidote for those who are bitten by the serpent of
Samsara. It is a nectar (Amrita) that can confer immortality and perennial Peace. Yama is terribly
afraid of those who repeat the names of the Lord. He cannot approach them. Repeat the name of the
Lord always and attain the fearless state.
May the Lord guide you in all your activities. May He enlighten your path enabling you to
achieve the goal of life, viz., Self-realisation, your birthright. May you live drow
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A Karma Yogi Is Very Near To God

A Karma Yogi says: “Do all works without expectation of fruits. This will produce Chitta
Suddhi. Then you will get knowledge of the Self. You will get Moksha or Eternal Bliss and
Immortality.” This is his doctrine.
You will get purity of mind if you work in the spirit of the above doctrine. This is a very
great reward for your actions. You cannot imagine the exalted conditions of a man of pure mind. He
has unbounded peace, strength and joy. He is very near to God. He is dear to God. He will soon

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Develop The Power Of Endurance

Just as the Sun collects all its rays at sunset and merges in the horizon, collect all the
scattered rays of your mind and merge into the Lotus Feet of the Almighty Lord.
Do not give indulgence or leniency to the mind. Cultivate the spirit of love and humility and
Divine Compassion and tenderness like Lord Buddha. Nurse the sick. Comfort and console the
distressed and disappointed. You will become Divine.
Develop the power of endurance. Open yourself to higher spiritual consciousness. Fix your
mind o

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God Is Love

God is Truth. God is love. Speak the Truth. Love everyone. You will realise Him quickly.
Have Satsanga with Sadhus, Sannyasins and Bhaktas. This alone can give you Viveka, Vairagya, spiritual strength and peace of mind. There is no other way. Hunt out for Sadhus. They are everywhere. Sincerity and earnestness are needed in you. They are ever ready to receive you lovingly with outstretched hands.
By Satsanga your mind will be saturated as sugar in water with thoughts of God, with Divine Glory, Divi
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Karma Yoga Leads To Knowledge

Work is worship. Work is meditation. Serve everyone with intense love, without any idea of
agency, without expectation of fruits of reward. You will realise God. Service of humanity is
service of God.
“The Lord dwelleth in the hearts of all beings O Arjuna, by His illusive power, causing all
beings to revolve as though mounted on a potter’s wheel.” (Gita.XVIII-61).
The spirit of service must deeply enter into your very bones, cells, tissues, nerves, etc. The
reward is invaluable. Practise and feel the
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Establish Good Habits

Much of your subconsciousness consists of submerged experiences, memories thrown into
the background but recoverable. You can establish new habits, new ideas, new ideals, new tastes
and new character in the subconscious mind by changing the old ones.
Think deeply. Cogitate. Reflect. Have constant Satsanga. Do selfless service, Nishkamya
Yajna. Develop the four means or qualification—Sadhana Chatushtaya.
Do not jeer at any one. Do not frown at anybody. Restrain all your senses. Be cheerful
always. Do n
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Karma Yoga Gives Joy

Do you expect anything from your small son, if you do him something? In a similar manner
you will have to work for others also without expecting anything. You will have to expand and think
that this whole world is your own Self.
It gives you a little pain in the beginning, because you have never worked up to this time in
this line of selfless and disinterested service. When you have tasted a bit of the Bliss of selfless
service, you can never leave it. The force of service will induce you to work mor
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Follow The Instructions Of Sages

Just as the man who runs after two rabbits will not catch hold of any one of them, so also a
meditator who runs after two conflicting thoughts will not get success in any one of the two
Have only one Divine thought all times. Stick to it tenaciously at any cost. Run after the
thought with the greater vigour, strength and one-pointedness. Success is bound to come. Do not be
anxious. Do not act according to the dictates of your mind. Act according to the words of Sages and
Saints. Mere remembr
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Develop Virtuous Qualities

Develop virtuous qualities. Build up good habits. Do good. Meditate regularly. Try to live
in God. All defects, evil thoughts and all weaknesses will vanish in toto.
Cherish no desire in your heart. Move amicably with all. Embrace all. Love all. Develop
adaptability and the spirit of selfless service and penetrate into the hearts of all through untiring
service and thus behold the one Self in all.
Forget all the illusory names and forms. Feel and see Lord Krishna in everything every
moment. You will e
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Be Righteous

Happiness results from good acts, pain from evil ones. Acts must always bear fruits.
Without action no fruit arises. Righteousness is the refuge to attain to the feet of God. Everything
can be attained by righteousness.
Refrain from injury to all creatures in thought, word and deed. Be kind and charitable. Be
liberal in your views. Have constant devotion to Truth. Free yourself from anger, hatred and malice.
Worship your preceptors and elders with respect and devotion. Worship the Gods with faith
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