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Lepufology 101

("Watching The Arrival Of The Mothership" by Mark Brumfield)

The Lepufology Project started as an instrumental composition meant as a tribute to Robert Anton Wilson's book « Quantum Psychology » in which he coins the word lepufology to refer to the study of rabbit-related UFO encounters.

As the composition was intended from the onset to remain instrumental, I decided to write a basic synopsis, more a list of scenes actually, in order to give the piece direction and structure :

1. Alert ! Possible A

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Yogi Sukadev

Once upon a time there lived an ancient sage called Vyasa. Vyasa was renowned as the writer of the Mahabharata with Ganesha Deva’s assistance.It was written in one sitting and was recognised as a wonder. He pined for a son who would be as pure as the snows of Mansarover, and the air of Mount Meru.His son would be the master of the elements,earth,water,fire,air and ether. He thought that if he prayed to Shakti, his desire would be fulfilled. After all a man who possessed Shakti was worshipped whe

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