Meditation in Rishikesh


Maya or the illusion of manifestation was created to organize the world we live in. It was given great convincing prowess so that one and all get attached to it. Meditation is the science, art & philosophy of connecting to the divinity within us to the deepest level so that Maya does not overwhelm us.


Meditation must be customized as the correct process of Meditation depends on the purpose, nature & will power of the person. If possible learn various methods of Meditation to know which is the best Meditation to do in the present moment.

The basic concept of Meditation has two parts

1) Preparation of Meditation &

2) Experience of Meditation .

Experience of Meditation

The experience of Meditation happens on its own in a flow of Consciousness-Energy in that period of time. To make this flow happen lots of preparation is required. The first step is a genuine desire to move our awareness inwards. This is usually the most troublesome part as Maya completely takes over our Consciousness & makes us over-materialistic.

Discipline of Meditation

The third step is to maintain the discipline of meditation. To do so essential changes in lifestyle are important. The new experience will arise out of meditation but they should never be over-analyzed as this will hamper the main purpose of Self-Realisation.


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