Mudras (continued)

Mudras are hand positions that seal the psychic energies into specific channels. They are powerful spiritual tools that can enable you to receive and transmit energy more efficiently. Mudras aid you in the purification of your physical, mental and psychic bodies. Perhaps the best known mudra is “Namaskar” , which symbolises "I salute the divinity within you".

In Indian philosophy, your body is viewed as being made up of five elements, with each of your five fingers representing one element:

Thumb: fire, sun, radiant matter, heat, light – the energy that drives all other matter

Index finger: air, wind, matter in gaseous form

Middle finger: sky, space, akasha, ether

Ring finger: earth, matter in solid form
Little finger: water, matter in liquid form
Mudras consist in using your thumb (fire) tolightly stimulate one or more of the other elements by touching its finger tip, knuckle or base.
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