New town - New perspective

It has been a while since my last message. I have relocated to a small artist town north of L.A. called Ojai, where my life has become peaceful, with orange trees, avocados, and doing my shopping at the local farmer's marked, bicycling everywhere, recording music, living healthy... and happy.
The buzz of L.A. is not far away, yet it feels like a world a part.
What I have discovered is: I sleep better, and why? I never slept very well, and always thought it was something wrong with me. I was told by boyfriends, I had a sleeping problem, that I was too wired, or just had too much emotional damage from my past, BUT the truth is, it wasn't me, it is the environment I was stuck in. In LA I was CONSTANTLY under power lines, electro magnetic wave levels that were way OFF THE CHART, it should be illegal! Constantly bombarded with other people's energy, freeways, which I got so used to hearing, that it blended in like my own breath... yet - NOT! And I discovered, living here, with nothing but oak trees over my head, and birds waking me up instead of garbage trucks, lo and behold! Sleep is fantastic.
The house I live in is built "green". All solar powered. Even the washing machine only uses HE detergent (environmentally friendly.
My point is... at some point in every ones life, one has to put quality of life before anything. I was scared to move, to take myself out of my familiar environment. It was scary, to root up and start anew. It was scary to pay a lot more in rent than I feel I can justify, YET... to eat food sold directly by the organic farmers it calms the nervous system, it tastes MUCH better, and clears up the sinuses, digestive system and lungs.
To sit quietly, without TV and just watch the birds, slows down the mind and gives space for new creative ideas, to not be bombarded with TV commercials and all its mass hypnosis, means I am taking back my life! To be in an environment where other people... strangers on the street say hello and smile, is very uplifting.
So... how can YOU bring a higher quality to your life? What can you do? It doesn't have to b as drastic as me, but what little thing can you do? Put up a bird feeder... always keep fresh lemon and mint water in the fridge to drink of, buy air loom tomatoes instead of "genetically modified" vegetables (if you don't know what THAT means, I advise you to look it up). Or just smile more... yes, smile more. Decide to say hello to someone you normally just pass. Start a "kindness for no reason" action.

Much love, and JOY... until next time
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  • Jiddu Krishnamurti had mystic experiences (of Kundalini rising), while living at Ojai.
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