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Opening Yoga Vidya Center Berlin-Wilmersdorf

There will be an opening event at Yoga Vidya Berlin-Wilmersdorf, which we are proudly and very happily opening on April the 29th. We will have a wonderful program for you with mantra and kirtan yoga class from Janin Devi. Sukadev, the founder of Yoga Vidya, will be there giving blessings and we hope, that you will join us too and support us with the puja which will be there at the evening. All yoga classes in the week after opening (from may 2nd to may 7th) will be free for everyone. Come and join us, we are looking forward to see you.

Yoga Vidya Center Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Pfalzburger Str. 43/44
10717 Berlin
Fon: 0176 23855329

Here are two links for more informations (in German):
Center Webseite:

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